Audi A4 Motor Mounts

During the course of your Audi A4’s life, it will see all sorts of wear and tear from the rough and rugged roads where you drive around the most. But its not only the shaking and jostling around from the roads that can wear down parts; the engine in your A4 also creates a lot of excess energy that is absorbed by the vehicles motor mounts. If you have noticed excessive noise in the A4s cabin, can feel vibration in the pedals and steering wheel, or if the engine is jerking around when you accelerate and stop, then it is time to find replacement parts for your Audi A4 motor mounts.

How are Audi A4 motor mounts put together?

The engine mounts in your Audi A4 serve dual purposes: they are responsible for mitigating the noise and vibration produced by the internal combustion, and they are responsible for keeping the engine firmly in place. There are a variety of different types of engine mounts depending on what you are looking for, but they all have the same basic design. There is a piece of steel with a bushing on it that is attached to the engine and bolted into a bracket that is attached to the frame.

  • Rubber mounts are the most common type sold and the ones your Audi A4 rolled off the assembly line with. The rubber bushing acts as a buffer between the engine and the frame, keeping the metal from making contact. This allows the material to absorb the sound and vibration coming off the motor, giving your A4 a smooth and silent ride.
  • Polyurethane mounts are more of a high-performance choice for those looking to push their Audi a bit further. The material is firm and durable, which keeps the motor more firmly in place and lends more power to the wheels.
  • Solid engine mounts are a great choice for those who primarily use their Audi for competitive ventures or other non-street activities. They dont use a bushing and instead have metal-on-metal contact between the motor and frame. This gives maximum power transfer to the drive train.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket engine mounts?

Once you have figured out what kind of engine mounts you want to use in your Audi, the next move is to figure out if you want to go with the Original Equipment Manufacturer, labeled as OEM, or something aftermarket. The former refers to Audi and any companies they might contract to produce the engine mounts for your car while the latter is an umbrella term covering every other company that produces them. There are many reasons to choose either option, depending on what youre specifically looking for so it is a good idea to compare all the options so you can make the most informed decision.