Acura RSX Motor Mounts

During the lifetime of your Acura RSX, it will experience all types of wear and tear from the rough and uneven roads. However, it is not only the shaking and jostling from the streets that can wear down all the parts that keep your RSX running, for the engine also exerts a lot of excess kinetic energy that is absorbed by the vehicles engine mounts. If you have been experiencing excessive noise in the Acura RSXs interior, can feel vibration in the pedals and steering wheel, or if the engine is slamming around when you accelerate and stop, then it is time to find replacement Acura RSX motor mounts.

How are motor mounts constructed?

The motor mounts in your Acura RSX serve two purposes. They are responsible for mitigating the sound and vibration produced by the engine and also for keeping it firmly secured. There are a variety of engine mounts to choose from depending on what you are looking for, but they all have the same basic design. There is a piece of steel with a bushing attached to it that is bolted to the engine and connected to a bracket that is attached to the frame.

  • Rubber mounts are common in the market. The rubber acts as a buffer between the engine and the frame keeping metal-on-metal contact from taking place. This allows the material to absorb the noise and vibration from the motor giving your RSX a calm and quiet ride. Because the material gives a little under the weight of the engine there will be a slight power loss to the drive train.
  • Polyurethane mounts are a high performance choice for those looking to get a lot out of their Acura RSX engine. The material is firm and durable, keeping the motor secure and transferring power to the wheels.
  • Solid engine mounts are great for those who plan on using their Acura for competitive ventures and other non-street uses. They do not use a bushing, meaning they have metal-on-metal contact between the frame and motor. This gives maximum power transfer to the wheels.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket engine mounts?

Once you have figured out what kind of mounts you want to use in your vehicle, the next thing to do is decide whether you want to go with the original manufacturer equipment, labeled as OEM, or an aftermarket option. OEM refers to mounts made by Acura and any companies they contract to manufacture the mounts for your RSX car. Aftermarket is an umbrella term covering every other company that produces them. Aftermarket parts tend to over a wide variety of options, and some may require minor adjustments for a proper fit.