Mobility Vertical Platform/Porch Lifts

What to Know About Wheelchair Plaform Lifts

Mobility is essential, in the home and out, and a vertical lift can bring easy mobility to your life. Easy to use and install, a vertical platform lift can provide necessary accessibility in place of extensive renovations to existing entryways. With simple instructions, sturdy construction and intuitive directions, a vertical home lift for sale on eBay will add ease and comfort to your life. 

Important considerations when looking for a wheelchair lift

The main things to consider when buying an affordable in-home lift are related to the size and weight of the person who will be using it. You want a lift that will be able to function with their weight combined with the weight of their wheelchair or walking device. You'll also want to consider the space available where you'll be installing the wheelchair stair lift, so measure accurately before you make your purchase at eBay. Check manufacture's site for details, but some basic specifications on quality lifts include:  

  • Weight - A weight capacity of 500 pounds or more — many lifts can be upgraded to handle up to 750 pounds as well.
  • Clearance - You want platforms with at least 36 by 48 inches of clearance. A lift this size should accommodate most adults. Prominent brands like Savaria, Harmar, and Bruno also offer larger bases as an upgrade.
  • Safety railings - Safety railings are a must, as even when a wheelchair is locked, the potential for falling or imbalance is still present.
  • Vertical lift - Seek out a vertical lift of at least 48 inches.

Is installation or operation of a vertical lift difficult? 

Handicap lifts are designed to be indoor or outdoor, with simple yet sturdy steel frame construction. Because they're made to be easy to install, DIY lifting platforms have simple instructions and can be put together with minimal tools by a single person. Operation is incredibly simple, with clear push-button controls and fluid, non-jerky motion. Finally, these lifts can operate off of standard 110 voltage home outlets, making them functional in just about any room in any home. 

Are these platform lifts customizable? 

A pre-owned wheelchair lift for home comes with a variety of customizable parts that make your unique experience as comfortable and functional as you need. This also allows you to make the wheelchair platform lift better accommodate your specific wheelchair model. These upgrades include:  

  • Larger bases, in the style of olympic lifting platforms. These expand the area to 6 by 8 feet in width.
  • Battery back-ups, so in the event of a power failure you're not stranded.
  • Platform walls can improve the safety of the occupant over the modest 33-inch wall height that is typical in these designs.
  • Increased lift height, providing up to 12 feet of vertical range of motion.