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Minolta Underwater Film Cameras

All the Information You Need to Choose a Minolta Underwater Film Camera

Underwater cameras are a way to capture beauty that normal cameras cant access. Not only will underwater cameras not be damaged by submersion, but they also come with features that increase the clarity of underwater pictures, whether youre snapping photos of tropical fish or your fellow divers. Minolta underwater film cameras cover a range of potential photography subjects and photography methods.

What are some of the Minolta underwater film camera models?

Most of the models youll find are vintage, such as the following:

  • The Weathermatic 35mm dual - This camera was first manufactured in 1987 and has an autofocus feature. The design and lens protection are both somewhat bulky, but the camera captures a dynamic tonality and film range. It has dual lenses rather than one waterproof lens.
  • The Weathermatic 110 35mm - This is another vintage camera. Unlike the 35mm dual model, this model comes with a strap that allows you to mount the camera on your body when you dive. It also has one lens, which is waterproof. It also offers the autofocus feature.
  • The Weathermatic 110 16mm - Like the 110 35mm model, this camera shoots in 110 film and comes with a strap to secure the device to your body. This is a compact and lightweight model.
What features do Minolta film cameras have?

The following features will differentiate the different camera models:

  • Number of lenses - Some models have only one lens, which can both autofocus and keep water out. Some models have dual lenses that feature an autofocus layer covered by a waterproof coating.
  • LED infrared beams - If the camera is calibrated correctly, the LED capabilities will cause the camera to focus automatically on your subject.
  • Shutter settings - Some cameras will allow you to switch to manual focus. You can use the shutters to focus on the subject of your choice or to reduce focus on objects you want to appear blurred.
  • Different film types - Vintage models will either shoot in 110 or 220 film.
  • Different lens sizes - The size of the lenses will be denoted in millimeters. Larger lenses capture larger images. Smaller lenses come with more compact cameras.
Are Minolta film cameras compatible with lens adapters?

As long as the adapter of your choice is the same size as the original Minolta lens, you should be able to use the adapter. The autofocus features of the camera will not work if there is an adapter attached, so you will need to purchase a camera with manual focus capabilities. You will also need to make sure the adapter is waterproof.

What types of photography can be done with Minolta cameras?

Minolta diving cameras are designed to take pictures of scenery under the surface of the water. They can handle both the chaos of riverbanks and the peace of a coral reef. You may want to adjust the white balance on your camera to avoid the color washing out. Images with monochromatic light sources, such as those filmed under the surface, can sometimes make colors less rich.

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