Men's Dress Shirts

Men's Dress Shirts for Christmas!

If you still haven’t decided on a Christmas outfit, you should have a look at the selection of men’s dress shirts on eBay. Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and HUGO BOSS are some of the brands you’d find on eBay. Pick a shirt with a regular fit when going for a casual dinner with friends or go for a tailored or slim fit when attending a Christmas party. You will find a range of floral, striped and geometric patterns on eBay among the many other options available. An organic cotton men’s dress shirt also makes for a great Christmas gift, so if you are still thinking what to buy, this will be a great choice. Avail great Black Friday clothing deals on new and pre-owned dress shirts when you shop on eBay.

Mens dress shirts come in a variety of patterns that make them versatile yet related enough to fill dress code etiquette in various situations and environments. However, some patterned dress shirts are what you might consider more typical or appropriate depending on the setting in which you find yourself. If youre stuck considering what pattern of dress shirt to wear for your next event, consider these style rules as a guide:

  • Solid dress shirts are the bedrock of professional business clothing practically everywhere. In particular, blue or white dress shirts work very well and are a safe choice, but light blue, light pink, gold, and lavender dress shirts are also an option that can check the mark on your shopping list. Solid black dress shirts are generally reserved for somber settings. Solid shirts are likely the dress code of choice at established, conservative businesses and are a good choice when you are unsure what type of shirt to wear.
  • Striped shirts by their nature are a more casual option to the solid shirt, but they are still considered dressy. Many workplaces adopt a business-casual dress code for at least part of the week, and striped dress shirts excel in this environment. If you do choose a striped shirt, make sure the size of the stripes differs from other stripes in your outfit, such as those on your tie.
  • The checked-pattern dress shirt is casual and is the choice of many office and store workers during weekend socializing where theyre still going to meet with clients or others in a business setting or to discuss professional matters.

What are the types of collars on dress shirts?

  • The point-collar is one of the more traditional, classic looks and is practical for any regular professional situation where a classic look and respect for tradition are appreciated.
  • The button-down is a good choice if you need a slightly more relaxed fit and need to wear a tie often but not during every business occasion.
  • The spread-collar creates a wider than normal distance between the two points. It is a good choice if you have a thin, angular face as it helps to accentuate the vertical lines of the face.

How does fabric type affect dress shirt fashion?

Choosing a dress shirt is already a step in the right direction of style for men. If you have different fabric weaves on hand, youll be able to conquer any professional scenario. You should choose cotton for a breathable fit, oxford for a relaxed fit, poplin for a casual look, and herringbone twill for a quality, traditional look.