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Meat Cooking Thermometers

Get Delicious Meals With Meat Cooking Thermometers

A meat thermometer takes all the guesswork out of cooking. Instead of having to go by how your meat looks, smells, or feels, you can just look at the thermometer and get meat cooked to your ideal level of doneness. Read this guide to assist you in making a selection based on your needs and preferences.

What's the benefit of instant-read meat thermometers?

An instant-read thermometer is a type of thermometer that tells you the temperature right away. Unlike traditional thermometers, you do not have to leave the thermometer in the meat for a few seconds to see its true temperature. This helps give you a faster and more accurate result.

Are there any reasons to pick an oven-safe thermometer?

If you do not want to repeatedly take your meat out of the oven and poke it, this is the right type of device for you. A thermometer that can stay inside the oven while inserted in your meat gives you a constant gauge of your meat's temperature. With a leave-in thermometer, you can tell at a glance when your food is done instead of requiring repeated testing.

How do you choose the right brand of meat thermometer?

Here are some of the things you can expect with a few popular brands of meat thermometers:

  • ThermoPro - This is one of the most commonly used brands. They mostly produce instant-read, oven-safe, leave-in digital thermometers, and they have several high-quality models to choose from.
  • ThermoWorks - These thermometers provide an instant-read experience in a compact and affordable device, but they do not have as many models as ThermoPro.
  • Weber - Weber mostly creates grill accessories, so their thermometers are designed for use with a grill, not an oven. They have some wireless remote-read digital models that let you see the temperature while far away from the meat.
What type of thermometer should you buy?

Most meat thermometers fall into these three categories:

  • Thermocouple - This is a thermometer that you only need to put 1/4 inch of the way into the meat. It has a very quick response time, but it is not oven-safe.
  • Digital - Digital thermometers provide a precise reading very quickly. This is the most common type of meat thermometer, so you can choose between all sorts of models if you want a variety of options.
  • Dial - Dial thermometers are an older style that takes a couple minutes to give an accurate reading. Their benefits are their affordability and ease of use.
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