Mazda Car and Truck Emblems

The identity of your car is a very important characteristic. No matter where youre driving, when you arrive at your destination, you want people to know that youre arriving in a Mazda. Thats why the Mazda emblems on your car are such a crucial part of its exterior design and should be replaced when they become worn out or turn up missing.

What types of emblems are available for a Mazda vehicle?

When you think of a Mazda emblem, you probably immediately think of the distinctive "M" inside the flattened circle. That is certainly one part of the Mazda brand, but you also need to consider the model name badge for your specific car. Youve chosen your car apart from every other vehicle, so whether you have a Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, Miata, Protege, or any of the other quality Mazda models, you want to let everyone know what youre driving.

What special features are available for Mazda emblems?

Mazda has long been known as a performance brand, and the emblems available for Mazda vehicles reflect that in being offered in a wide range of colors and styles. You can get the traditional M emblem "blacked out" to create a tough, edgy look or colored in red for a more sporty look. You can also get an emblem referred to as the "Black Evil Batman M" for a look that really stands out. In addition, you can get the Mazda name badge made with carbon fiber accents for a totally transformed exterior appearance. Of course, if youre a collector, theres nothing like a Miata emblem to round out your sports car emblem collection.

How do you install a Mazda emblem?

Since you want to show off the pride you have in your Mazda for a long time to come, its important to properly adhere the emblem to the car. Before you begin, make sure the surface of the car is cool, but not cold, to the touch to ensure the adhesive is able to properly bond with the metal.

  • First, remove any remnants of the old emblem using adhesive remover, alcohol, and a clean rag.
  • Second, using a level and draft tape, mark a line where you want the bottom of the emblem to be.
  • Third, make sure the replacement emblem is clean, and expose the new adhesive by removing the paper backing.
  • Finally, press the emblem on the body of the car, using firm and consistent pressure for several minutes until the adhesive has a chance to bond.