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Macbook Case

Your Guide to Finding the Right MacBook Case

Youve invested in an Apple MacBook, and now you want to protect your laptop with an attractive MacBook case. There are many cheap cases available on eBay, and finding the right cover for your MacBook is simple with the following guide.

What sizes do MacBook cases come in?

Whether you have a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, there are several size cases available. There are 13-inch MacBook cases that can fit a Pro or Air, 15-inch MacBook cases for your Pro, and 17-inch MacBook cases available for the 17-inch Pro.

What types of MacBook cases are available?

There are four basic types of MacBook cases available to cover your MacBook. Below is a list of the features and benefits of each:

  • Portfolio: A portfolio case or bag is a briefcase-style MacBook case. It can have a single pouch for your MacBook or multiple pouches for storing additional items including chargers, cables, peripherals, and personal items.
  • Shell: A shell is a hard, protective case that covers your MacBook like a clamshell that opens and closes with your MacBook. A shell can provide protection for your MacBook in a stylish way.
  • Skin: A skin is similar to a shell but with a tighter fit. Some skins are also designed to fit over your keyboard. They provide protection from scratches while adding a little style.
  • Sleeve: A sleeve case is a pouch cover that may or may not zip over your MacBook. They can provide protection while carrying your laptop around in another bag.
What kinds of materials are MacBook covers made with?

MacBook covers come in many types of materials, depending on your preferred style and needs. Some materials are more for protection, and others are more for the appearance. If you dont see the material you want in the list below, there are many more materials to choose from in eBays advanced search feature.

  • Leather: There are genuine leather MacBook cases and faux leather cases available in an assortment of colors and styles.
  • Canvas: You can find canvas cases in solid colors and patterns in many styles, including sleeves and portfolios.
  • Neoprene: Neoprene cases can provide plenty of padding for your MacBook. There are many colors available in sleeves and portfolios.
  • Synthetic: If you are looking for a light-weight, water-resistant fabric, there are nylon and polyester cases available.
  • Plastic: There are hard plastics and softer plastics in many colors to choose from. Plastic can provide your laptop with excellent protection against bumps.
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