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Macbook Air Case

Choose the Best MacBook Air Case to Protect Your Investment

Those who own a MacBook Air know that the small, convenient device bears quite an investment. Accidents are bound to happen, and the last thing you need is a shattered screen or a dented device casing when transporting your MacBook Air. Luckily, eBay has plenty of MacBook Air cases to keep your device safe while allowing you to express your style.

What types of MacBook Air cases are available?

Whether you are looking for heavy-duty protection, a convenient carrying case, or stylish flair, eBay has MacBook Air cases that serve the needs of everyone.

  • Portfolio case/bag: For those in professional settings who want to look fashionable on the go, portfolio cases are popular. These styles can be purchased in attractive leathers and fabrics, with pocket-portfolio looks or simple messenger bag styles.
  • Shells and skins: These are snap-on plastic coverings meant to protect your MacBook Air from damage. Available in a variety of durable materials and a broad range of fun colors and designs, these shells protect MacBook Airs from dings while expressing your style.
  • Sleeve case: There are a variety of sleeve cases available, but the most common ones come in a material called neoprene, a foamy material, and zip to conceal your MacBook Air. These are often the most affordable options.
How do you choose the right MacBook Air case?

Whether you need a MacBook Air case for 11-inch screens or a MacBook Air case for 13-inch screens, its critical that it be the corresponding size and model to protect your device sufficiently. Take the time to read the product descriptions when purchasing a cover to make sure it will fit. Your devices model can be found by entering the serial number into an online search or checking its internal settings.

What are the features and colors available for these covers?

For those who are often on the go, a MacBook Air case with a strap may be a good option. If you need extra storage space for supplies, some cases come with pockets and pouches. However, if you want something that is more a stylish cover, a shell casing selected from a multitude of designs and colors may be the answer for you. Common cover styles available on eBay include:

  • Clear MacBook Air cases
  • Lightweight MacBook Air cases
  • Patterns, including floral, marbled, and solid colors
  • Colors ranging from neon to pastel to neutral in many shades
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