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Tips for Finding the Right MSI Laptops and Netbooks Online: Buying Guide

Having the right MSI laptop can help you stay productive or entertained depending on the situation. You can use these electronics to help stay connected while on the go. To help you find the best MSI laptops and netbooks on eBay for your needs, you should consider the following information to help simplify your search.

How do you find the right MSI laptops and netbooks?

Here are some steps that can help you narrow down your search:

  • Screen size: For smaller laptops such as netbooks, you can filter results to show screen sizes less than 12 inches. For the larger screen sizes, you can change the filters to show sizes 17 inches and larger.
  • Operating system: Older laptop models and used listings may have an older operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. In addition to the current Windows 10, some systems are equipped with Linux or no operating systems installed.
  • RAM capacity: This part of the system handles short-term data storage. Some systems allow you to expand the existing memory with memory modules while other models have them soldered onto the board. RAM size will be listed in MB or GB, depending on the size.
  • Hard drive capacity: You can filter out results to show SSDs and mechanical drives as well. These will be listed in sizes such as GB and TB, depending on the capacity.
  • Processor: You can choose between AMD and Intel processors depending on the laptop model. Processors will also be categorized further based on the generation, core type, and model name as well.
Types of MSI laptops and netbooks available

Here are some of the MSI computer laptops available:

  • Notebook: This includes some of the MSI business laptops. Some examples of workstation MSI laptops include the Vortex and WT series.
  • Gaming laptop: MSI gaming laptops will have a dedicated graphics card installed. Some examples include the GT Titan and GS Stealth.
  • Netbook: These will generally be available used since MSI converted the Wind Netbook model line to tablets. These typically run Operating Systems such as Linux.
  • Ultrabook: These are designed to be slim and have a longer battery life compared to other models. One example is PS42 Modern.
When is it a good idea to buy used laptops?

Used laptops can be a good option if you're looking for a previous generation processor or one equipped with a higher-end graphics card. Used laptops will typically be cheaper than new ones, and you can also choose from refurbished MSI laptops as well.

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