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MSI Computer Motherboards

MSI motherboards support both Intel and AMD processors, and they come in a variety of form factors. Depending on the model, these motherboards are suitable for both home and business use, and they can support high-end applications such as gaming, CAD, and software development. Many models offer advanced overclocking capabilities as well as support for advanced hardware.

How do you choose a motherboard?

Before selecting a motherboard, it is important to have an idea of what you want the computer to be able to do as well as any specific hardware it will need to support. After you have determined your computing needs, the next step is to decide on a CPU. There are some other factors to consider as well, which are listed here:

  • The correct type of motherboard for your CPU (for example, an AMD processor will not work with a motherboard built for Intel CPUs)
  • The amount and type of RAM supported by the motherboard
  • The number and type of expansion slots
  • The necessary support for SSD storage devices if required
  • The amount of support the motherboard needs to provide for highly specialized hardware
Do MSI motherboards support advanced gaming?

For the most part, yes. If you are choosing a motherboard for gaming use, take extra care to consider the amount and speed of RAM the motherboard supports and whether or not it will support multiple GPUs. Overclocking is another factor to consider.

What form factors are MSI motherboards available in?

Here are some of the form factors these motherboards may come in:

  • ATX
  • Micro ATX
  • Ultra ATX
  • Extended ATX
  • Mini-ITX
What types of add-on GPUs are supported by MSI motherboards?

MSI motherboards should be able to support most commercially available add-on hardware. To determine the hardware compatability, check the specifications of the motherboard and the add-on hardware. If you are using it for gaming and other high-end graphics applications, you may want to check for support for special configurations, such as SLU and Crossfire multi-GPU.

What kinds of operating systems do MSI motherboards support?

MSI motherboards will offer support for most operating systems. Depending on the exact operating system software, not all options on all motherboards may be supported. It is important to check both the manufacturers and the software publishers specifications to determine compatibility with the desired operating system. Keep in mind that CPU and add-on hardware support may also factor into the selection of an operating system.

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