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Keeping It Real and Luis Vuitton With a Montaigne Bag

Versatility helps to make a handbag useful and reliable, so you can carry it every day if you choose. The spacious new and preowned Louis Vuitton Montaigne bags listed on eBay are made with internal compartments to hold various belongings. The leather hide of the bag is durable and retains the bags shape and its stylish look.

Can you adjust this bag when carrying it?

The versatile Louis Vuitton Montaigne bag has adjustable lengths for different carries. You extend the length of it by attaching shoulder straps that hang low by your waist. Keep the weight lighter with arm straps for a closer hold to your body or for a feel you prefer. The hand-hold uses two leather loops attached to the upper end of the bag for a simple carry in your hands.

Bringing the details and features into focus

Start your search by focusing on these Louis Vuitton Montaigne bag features to find an option just right for you:

  • The business model - This is where versatility is engineered with separated compartments that you can close and open as you need. The middle compartment uses two sturdy zippers.
  • Arm, hand, and shoulder straps - Leather is used for all carrying straps as a durable material with a stylish texture.
  • Removable as needed - You can adjust the strap to different lengths, as it can be removed and then reattached as needed.
  • Monogram canvas - The monogram canvas is imprinted leather holding the notable "LV" logo on the outside and inside of the bag. The leather is brown and the lining comes in a purple tint called raisin.
Colors and special features

New and used Montaigne bags can be found on eBay with these features:

  • Colors - Beige, black, and iris blue are a few colors you have to choose from. Consider raisin, papyrus, and kaki fango (a rich khaki-olive shade) also.
  • Lock and key - Double zippers, as found inside the bag, can be secured with a lock and key at your discretion.
  • Overlapped stitching and hooks - The seams of the bag are sealed with overlapped stitching, and the handles are secured by metal rings.
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