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Lifepak Nano

Add LifePak Nano to Your Daily Health Regimen

The LifePak Nano supplement system from Pharmanex helps to protect your whole body. These mineral and vitamins supplements, available in different formulas on eBay, can be taken throughout the day to improve your overall health. Their specialized technology helps the product to be easily absorbed without losing any potency.

How LifePaks Nanotechnology helps with supplement absorption

LifePak Nano uses advanced technology to make anti-aging nutrients more available to the body. The Nano process physically alters the hard-to-absorb nutrients, so the body can process them and get their full benefit. Fat-soluble vitamins can bunch together in the intestines and become hard to absorb. With Nanotechnology, the individual molecules are separated and encapsulated to be more available for absorption.

LifePak Nano is designed to provide anti-aging benefits

Along with its anti-aging benefits, the formula also helps to protect cells and DNA. A healthy diet may not be enough to provide the correct amount of essential nutrients to your body. The LifePak Nano system provides an advanced nutritional foundation you can follow throughout your life. These supplements are available as soft gels or gelatin capsules in convenient packaging. The supplements use minerals and vitamins to help:

  • Nourish the brain
  • Improve the immune system
  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Regulate blood metabolism
  • Build strong bones
  • Improve joint function and mobility
  • Protect against the effects of sun exposure
  • Maintain healthy skin tone and elasticity
What ingredients are used in LifePak Nano?

LifePak Nano contains over 60 antioxidants, including the companys proprietary Tegreen 97. These antioxidants reduce the effects of free radicals that can damage molecules and accelerate the aging process. LifePak Nano also includes all eight forms of vitamin E, selenium, buffered vitamin C, copper, zinc, and manganese. There are other antioxidants in the formula, including six carotenoids, alpha-lipoic acid, and over 20 flavonoids. NanoCoQ10, omega-3 fatty acids, and resveratrol are also present for additional anti-aging benefits.

Who can take the LifePak Nano supplements?

The LifePak Nano supplement packs are designed for people 18 and older who want a comprehensive wellness and health supplement. If you take LifePaks MarineOmega, you can use this supplement as well. With their patented technology, these supplements are ideal for those who cannot properly absorb minerals or vitamins. Nano tablets are intended to be tolerated by those who often feel nauseated with traditional supplements.

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