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Add Convenience to Your Devices With a Lenovo Remote Control

Lenovo has been manufacturing technology, hardware, software, and accessories for over 30 years. Their remote controls may be able to help you run through slides on your next business presentation or provide a convenient way to view all the media features on the paired device of your choice. If you are searching for a remote, understanding how they interface with other devices and what features they have may help you find the one that suits your purposes.

What interfaces can you choose?

Although most remote controls perform the same basic functions, different models may have a specific method for interfacing with the technology they control. If you find that a certain type works for you, you may be able to find a product that includes one of the following common interfaces:

  • Bluetooth - A remote control with Bluetooth functionality will connect wirelessly to another Bluetooth-enabled unit. This may be a useful feature if you do not wish to deal with any cords or plug-and-play options.
  • Infrared - Remotes with infrared sensors will communicate with similar infrared sensors on the unit of your choice. Pressing a button on these remote controls sends a signal across a wavelength that is received by the device.
  • USB - Some of these products come with USB accessories. Plugging the USB stick into the appropriate port allows your remote to communicate with the unit you would like to access. You may find the USB functionality useful if you want to carry one item to communicate with different devices in multiple locations.
What connectivity options can you choose?

The two main types of connectivity that most remotes use are:

  • Wireless - These controls communicate using a wireless network or an accessory that provides access to the functions of the controlled unit. Wireless remotes come in various forms but all allow you to use other technology without plugging in any wires.
  • Wired - Some products need to be plugged into other units directly in order to interface with them and allow you to access their features.
What are some features of Lenovo multimedia remote controls?

Units that are designed to access multimedia functions can vary in appearance and design depending on the specific model you choose. However, many of them share some common features and functions such as:

  • A keyboard - Some multimedia units may feature a full QWERTY keyboard that provides you with the full functionality of a computer at a distance.
  • A trackpad - This accessory would allow you to move a digital cursor on a computer screen without being near the computer or using a mouse.
  • Standard features - Some remote controls may include basic playback, record, stop, rewind, and pause functionality that you can use with TVs.