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Leica Zoom Camera Lenses

What You Need to Know About Leica Zoom Camera Lenses

When you are going on vacation to the beach or the mountains, a zoom camera lens can help you capture a range of different types of pictures. These lenses are equipped with maximum apertures that range from f/1.4 to f/5.6. These lenses are also compatible with an array of camera brands, including Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic.

How does a zoom lens work?

A zoom lens is any type of lens that comes with a range of focal lengths, such as 12-60 millimeters. These lengths can be changed either manually or automatically with the device the lens is paired with, allowing you to focus in or out on a subject within the frame. Some of these zoom lenses can maintain their focus on a subject even when the length changes. Most of these lenses will also move outward as you zoom in or back toward the body of the device as you zoom out. The available lengths with these lenses can include ranges like 14-150 millimeters or 100-400 millimeters.

What are the camera types that work with these lenses?
  • Digital SLR: This is a type of digital camera that is equipped with a number of automatic and manual settings. These cameras come with interchangeable lenses and typically save the images and videos you capture onto a memory card or hard drive.
  • Large format: This is a type of still camera that makes use of large film that typically measures 4x5 inches or 8x10 inches. All of the controls and settings on these devices are manually operated.
  • Rangefinder: This is a type of device that comes equipped with a rangefinder to assist you in measuring the distance from the lens to the subject of the photo in order to set the focus properly.
  • SLR: This is a single-lens reflex camera that comes with manual settings and is outfitted with an electronic viewfinder. These devices use film to capture photos as well.
  • Mirrorless: This is a type of device that comes with interchangeable lenses and without a mirror system inside. They are equipped with digital sensors as well.
What are the different types of lenses available?
  • Fisheye: This is a type of lens that is designed to capture wide-angle photos at a field of view that extends up to 180 degrees. When a picture is taken with this lens, a substantial amount of distortion occurs at the edges of the photo to create a hemispherical look.
  • Telephoto: This is a type of zoom lens that comes with long focal lengths in order to create a magnified image that has a narrow field of view. The lengths available with these lenses typically start at 60 millimeters.
  • Wide-angle: This is any type of lens that has the ability to capture photos at a wide angle. These zoom lenses usually come in short lengths, such as 4-15 millimeters.
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