Sit or Stand Comfortably with a Leaning Post Boat Seat

A properly installed leaning post boat seat can make your marine time more relaxing and efficient. The right seating can offer a way for a driver to lean while standing up. eBay has a large variety of used and new boat leaning seats in a variety of styles and prices.

What is a leaning post?

A great alternative to a captains chair, this type of chair provides plenty of support for virtually every type of marine adventure. An upright structure thats usually positioned behind the helm, the chair typically has a universal design thats easy to install. Common features of the chair include rod holders, hinges that transition from seated and standing positions, and folding footrests. The chair also usually offers extra storage underneath it thats a suitable space to stow additional gear as well as a soft cushion and backrest for enhanced comfort during long excursions on the water.

Should you choose a captains chair or a leaning-style model?

Whether youll benefit more from a traditional captains chair or a leaning type of boat seat will largely depend on your preferences and how you spend your time on the water. Many drivers prefer the leaning style of seating because it provides a way to stand and steer while getting a complete view of whats ahead. This style of seating also offers easy access to the rest of the boats features, such as its gauges and console displays.

However, if you prefer to sit rather than stand for the majority of your boating adventures, the leaning-style chair might not be the best fit for your needs. The average height of the chair is around 32 inches, which may not be a comfortable height if you plan on sitting for a long time.

How is the seating typically constructed?

Many leaning-style boat seats are constructed with marine-grade upholstered bolsters and strong aluminum or fiberglass frames. Certain models have thick plates of solid aluminum tubing for cross-bracing support, and many models are coated with an anodized finish that resists corrosion and rusting and provides a more appealing appearance. Some include removable backrests so you can quickly adjust from sitting to standing, while others features spacious storage compartments. Here are just a few of the many options you can choose from when it comes to selecting a leaning-style chair:

  • Integrated storage for tackle gear
  • Build-in holsters for rods
  • A grab rail for increased support
  • A backrest thats contoured for an ideal sitting position