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Laptop Bottom Case Housing for Lenovo

Keep Your Lenovo Laptop Functional with a Cover

If you take your Lenovo computer with you during your travels or carry it daily for work, the case that protects the internal parts may be subjected to normal wear and tear over time. If the base of your laptop is cracked or damaged due to a fall or another form of impact, you may wish to seek a replacement to keep your device covered and in good working order.

What parts does the bottom case cover?

Most of the components that your unit needs to function properly are housed in the bottom. If that casing becomes cracked or damaged, any of these pieces could be at risk for problems or failure as well. The bottom of your device remains flat and stationary when you flip it open to view the screen or to do some work. This area contains essentials such as:

  • Keyboard: This is the main way you will interface with your computer. It may include a tracking ball or touchpad that acts as a mouse.
  • Data drive: This unit stores all of your files, including text, audio, and video information.
  • Processor: This is the brain of your device. It is responsible for understanding and executing the tasks that you need to perform.
  • Memory: The memory banks store information about the processes you use and may help determine how many processes you can run at once.

For which Lenovo models can you get bases?

The company produces several product lines that may have slightly varying physical features and casings. Some common products you may find during your search include:

  • IdeaPad: A line of consumer-grade laptops that may include features such as wide, frameless screens, facial recognition software, and touch controls.
  • ThinkPad: This product line includes ultrabook, convertible, and hybrid computer models.
  • G Series: These computers are intended to be everyday devices with essential features for both home and business use.
  • Universal: These casings are designed to be compatible with as many of the companys products as possible.

How can you replace your bottom housing?

How you replace the base on your device may depend on the specific model you own. The process may vary according to the specific design or dimensions of the casing. However, you may be able to follow the guide below to complete the process:

  • Remove the existing case: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the cracked casing in place. If the case includes retention clips, flip these up before prying the unit apart.
  • Disconnect it: The casing will be attached to one or more ribbon cables that you will need to disconnect before removing it completely.
  • Connect the replacement casing: Position the replacement casing appropriately and connect any necessary cables to it.
  • Install it: Secure the base to the rest of the laptop and screw it in place.

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