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Honda Pilot LED Lights

LED lights are energy-saving and brilliant, making them ideal for a Honda Pilot. LED lighting sufficiently illuminates dark roads and improves visibility, helping you drive more safely. The following five questions and answers reveal what types of LED products are available for your Honda Pilot.

Are there LED sidelight products for Honda?

There are LED versions of most lights on the interior and exterior of your Honda Pilot, including sidelights. Choose between polychrome, strobe, remote controlled, and waterproof options. Other LED products include:

  • Headlights, taillights, fog lights
  • Brake, parking, reverse, indicator, side indicator
  • License plate, instrument panel
What does H4 (9003) mean?

H4, or 9003, denotes one of a group of lights designated by the United Nations for use in a range of applications, including cars. h2, H3, H6, H7, H8, H9, and h20 are some others. These belong to a particular class called Group 1, which consists of nominal power models. Each model has a unique base shape and fits a particular socket. Replacement models must be the same type, or you need a conversion kit to accommodate a new type.

What are high/low beam conversion kits?

They convert your current headlight assembly to a high/low configuration. The conversion may entail a single or dual assembly. Single-beam headlights contain two-bulb headlights, with one light for low and one for high. Dual-beam headlights contain one bulb with two filaments, configured to emit both high and low. H4, an example of a two-filament bulb, often appears in dual-beam conversion kits.

Other types of conversion kits let you switch your current bulb type to a new one, such as halogen to LED.

Are LED chips brighter than regular LED?

No, although some LED chip-based products may appear to be slightly brighter than regular LED bulbs. LED chips, or chips on board (COB) LED, are chips possessing all of the components required to produce light the way LED does. The chips are small, so arranging them in various patterns lets manufacturers create large areas of integrated LED that emit seamless illumination.

Lumens are the measure of brightness. Generally, all LED technology produces roughly 100 lumens per watt. As a result, youll get the same brightness levels from LED chips or bulbs.

What is a 360-degree IP68 LED fog light?

The "360-degree" describes the fog light capability to illuminate in multiple directions, i.e. behind, in front, and to each side on your vehicle. "IP 68" is a rating that describes to what degree the fog light resists dust and water ingression. The "6" rating denotes a product that is dust-tight, and "8" indicates anything electrical that is safe for immersion in water to a depth and for an amount of time specified by the manufacturer.

This rating is interchangeably referred to as the International Protection Rating, International Protection Marking, International Product Rating, and Ingress Protection Rating. Its criteria correspond to the International Electrotechnical Commissions standard 60529.