LED Lights for GMC Sierra 1500

There are many LED lights for GMC Sierra 1500 owners that are important for illuminating the interior and signaling. Each one has different characteristics that affects how well it functions and what it does differently from other types. With a wide selection to choose from, you can find the right LED lights for your GMC Sierra 1500.

What LED lights are there for the Sierra?

There is a wide variety of LEDs, bulbs, and supporting items. This includes bar mounts, light bars, strips, Cree bars, curved bars, spotlights, headlight conversion kits, globe bulbs, daytime runners, and many others. Some of these are basic parts that replace existing units on GMCs, and others are modifications that extend or enhance your vehicles capabilities. The bulb parts come in many colors such as blue, chrome, clear, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow. Wattages range from under 5 watts to more than 200W across many different sizes of bulb.

What is an OEM model of LED light?

Any unit that is marked OEM is from the "Original Equipment Manufacturer." That means it was built by the same company that made the part for your GMC Sierra 1500 when it was new and just off the factory floor. This is important because the OEM version is the precise one that the car shipped with, so it is sure to fit and comply with all relevant safety regulations for your model year GMC Sierra vehicle. A non-OEM model has the possibility of a different color, shape, or other departures from the original design. They work just as well as OEM versions, just make sure to check that they are compatible with your specific model of Sierra.

What is color temperature?

Color temperature does not have anything to do with heat. It is a way of measuring the color that comes from a bulb in your GMC vehicle. Some bulbs are deliberately built to have a color, like amber turn indicators. Others are left to their fundamental color. A lower temperature creates a yellowish beam. A midrange temperature sheds a white beam. The high range of temperature makes a bluish beam. Generally, LEDs are in the midrange.

What parts in the GMC Sierra 1500 use LED lights?

There are several uses for LEDs in the Sierra. They include the brake light, reverse light, fog light, headlight, instrument panel light, license plate light, parking light, and tail light. Each of them uses different bulbs that are not interchangeable, so, for example, you couldnt swap out an LED tail light for a parking light in your Sierra 1500 truck.