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Ford Explorer LED Lights

Ford Explorer LED lights provide you with a wide selection of lights that you can install within your Ford vehicle from brake lights to headlights. These light bulbs are powered by light emitting diode technology and are designed to be long-lasting. They are available from a large number of brands, ranging from Luffy and Precision Auto Labs to ECCPP and ICBEAMER.

Where can these LED light bulbs be placed?

These LEDs can be fitted onto many areas of your Ford Explorer including headlights, fog lights, and license plate lights. Some additional models available include bulbs for instrument panels, side indicators, and sidelights.

  • Headlights: The LED headlights available for your Ford Explorer are placed at the front of your vehicle and are turned on when driving at night or in rain/snow.
  • Fog lights: These beams are placed very low on a vehicle, typically near the front bumper. They have a unique flat and wide beam shape that allows you to see the road ahead when driving in foggy conditions.
  • License plate: These consist of two small bulbs placed about 6 inches apart from one another just above the license plate on your Ford Explorer, allowing your plate to be visible in darker conditions.
  • Reverse: These are positioned within tail lights and provide a small amount of white illumination when you start backing your car up, allowing drivers behind you to clearly see this action.
  • Tail light: These are placed on the back of your vehicle and are illuminated in red when turned on. Although these lights have a constant dim shine when used, they shine their brightest when you hit the brakes.
What are the different types available?

There are a variety of LED models available to you, the most prevalent of which are headlight kits.

  • Headlight kits: These provide you with a pair of headlights to place on your Ford Explorer.
  • Flood spot: These provide a larger spread of illumination.
  • Daytime running lights: These automatically switch on when the Ford Explorer is in drive and can emit amber, white, or yellow illumination.
  • Light strip: These are lengthy strips that can be used on different areas of your Ford Explorer, such as in the rear of the vehicle.
How do LEDs work?

LEDs consist of light-emitting diodes that are essentially tiny bulbs placed into an electrical outlet. Due to the way they are constructed, they are able to stay on for lengthy periods of time without becoming especially hot and are illuminated by the movement of electrons. They are also energy efficient, which means they can be turned on for long periods of time without using large amounts of energy.