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LED LCD Laptop Screens for Apple MacBook Pro

What to Consider When Buying a LED or LCD Laptop Screen for Apple MacBook Pro

If you have an Apple MacBook Pro laptop and have a screen that begins to malfunction, you can replace it with a different LED or LCD screen. If more than just the screen is causing issues with your device, you can also find a full-screen assembly for the Apple MacBook Pro laptop.

What are the screen size characteristics of this device?

The Apple MacBook Pro is available in different sizes, which means that replacement screens are also available in different sizes. The size is measured diagonally on the front of the display. They can be as small as 11.6 inches and as large as 17 inches. The aspect ratio for these screens ranges from 4:3 to 16:9. Some of the other sizes of Pro screens available are:

  • 13.3 inches
  • 15.2 inches
  • 15.4 inches
  • 15.6 inches
What is LED and LCD technology?

LCD screens use liquid crystals to display the images. The liquid crystals do not emit light and rely on backlights or reflectors to illuminate them. This specific technology uses light-emitting diodes (LED) backlight. The technology uses both of these technologies to deliver the advantages of both. LED and LCD screens are relatively bright and energy efficient.

What is screen resolution?

The resolution of the monitor is measured in pixels or small color elements like dots that make up the images on the LCD. The higher the resolution is, the sharper the image. This means that the displayed items will have greater detail. The maximum resolution for a screen shows the width times height values of the pixels. These values have to be considered with the size of the monitor in mind. A larger monitor will require greater pixel values to achieve the same resolution quality as a smaller screen.

What is the full replacement assembly?

The full replacement assembly of the laptop is the monitor or "head" that goes on the top part and covers the central processing unit (CPU) and keyboard of the laptop. It is connected through a cable and attached firmly to the bottom part with clips so it is able to flip over the keyboard.

What are the different replacement models?

Different monitor replacement models are available in black, white or different silver hues. Other than sizes, the monitors are standard in design because of the same brand that they service. Different screen types are gloss, retina display, antiglare, and matte. A glossy monitor is a display that has a glossy surface. Matte monitors have an antireflection quality. The retina display has a look in which the human eye cannot see the individual pixels comprising the image.

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