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LED Costume Masks & Eye Masks

Find the Right LED Eye Mask for Any Celebration

Masks with built-in LED lights are a great accessory for various holidays, costume parties, and other festive events. LED masks also have lights that can add interesting effects to your outfit. You can find a huge range of styles and designs for LED masks on eBay.

Styles of LED masks available for purchase

LED masks and eye masks come in different styles or themes. You can use the helpful categories on eBay to find a mask in the style you want. Note that several styles are available either new or preowned. Some of the common mask types you can choose from are:

  • Eye mask - Masks in this style usually cover only the eyes, and you can get a mask that is meant for just one eye as well.
  • Half - A half LED mask has a design that will cover either the bottom or top part of your face but leave the rest uncovered. This may be a good option if you want to light up the mouth area.
  • Full - This type of mask will cover your whole head. Its available with different themes.
Do LED masks have different modes?

Some of the masks you will find on eBay have multiple lighting modes for your convenience. You can switch between modes to create different visual effects as necessary. Some of the modes you can find on various LED masks include:

  • Standard - The standard mode lights up all the diodes on your mask at the same time and keeps them on for as long as the battery operates.
  • Flashing - Flashing modes alternate between active and inactive LED lights automatically. In many cases, you can set a mask for slow or fast LED flashing operation.
Choosing an LED mask

There are a few ways you can use eBay to choose the light-up mask that works for your needs. Some categories that can help you find the mask youre looking for are:

  • Theme - You can structure your LED mask and outfit around a theme. These masks are available for themes such as Halloween, superheroes, and costume parties.
  • Color - You may want the LEDs in your mask to glow a specific color. Green, red, blue, and yellow LED lights are common choices.
  • Materials - These masks come in a range of natural and synthetic materials.