LED Car Light Strip

Strips of LED car lights add decorative and eye-catching strands of light to the interior or exterior areas of a vehicle. Car owners use LED lights as decoration, illumination, or often both. Available as long tubes or as strands with tiny bulbs, LED lighting offers many design options.

What is an LED car light strip?

LED lights use minimal power to give off bright illumination and very little heat. A flexible LED strip can fit almost any surface on the inside or outside of your vehicle. In vivid bulb colors such as blue, green, red, or orange, LEDs add a distinctive design element for minimal cost and simple installation.

Where can you use an LED strip on your vehicle?

Flexible LED car strip lights can be bent, cut, and molded to a variety of configurations and shapes. Offering a colorful variety of bulbs, your LED lighting choices are extensive. Here are some of the more frequent uses of LED strips:

  • Headlights - Around the rim of your car's headlights, a flexible strip of LED bulbs is a bright and dramatic touch to your car's front end.
  • Under-dash or footwell lights - In your car's interior, a strip of LED lights can illuminate the footwells and the dashboard. Dramatic blue or red bulbs add a bold design element.
  • Rear hatch lights - In an SUV or van, a white strip of LED bulbs can provide clear illumination for the rear hatch area of your vehicle.
  • Center console lights - Placed under the dash or in key areas around the gauge cluster, center console lights provide a bright visual punch.
  • Underside - Waterproof LED lighting can accentuate your car's underside for a distinctive look. Before installing LED lights to the outside of your car, be sure to check that the lights are waterproof.
What style options are there for LED light strips?

LED lights come in a variety of colors including red, blue, and white as well as more exotic shades including purple or orange. For stylish lighting, LED lights may also be pinpoints of illumination or may look like classic neon tube lights.

What are some important safety factors with LED lights?

When installing LED lights in your car, it is important to check the integrity of the wiring system for your lighting. Make sure that any lights installed on the outside of your vehicle are waterproof and can withstand exposure to the elements. Check that you have the correct voltage of LED lights for your particular needs.