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LCD Screens for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

What You Need To Know About Replacing Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen

You make a significant investment in your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. No matter how well you care for it, however, smartphone and tablet screens can sometimes crack or shatter, leaving ugly cracks on your device and sometimes even render it unusable. Should that happen, there are replacement screens available to get your Galaxy Note 3 back up and running in no time.

Does the screen need to be replaced by a professional?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen is actually two separate pieces. The two parts are an AMOLED screen assembly and a glass cover for the screen. Whether or not you want to do the repair on your Samsung Galaxy yourself will depend on whether you just need to replace the glass or whether you need to replace both the glass and the entire touchscreen digitizer LCD screen. If you just need to replace the glass on your Samsung Galaxy, you might consider doing the repair yourself. If you need to replace both the glass and the LCD screen, however, you may want to leave that to professionals. Having said that, you can still ensure you are getting good quality parts by purchasing the replacement parts yourself.

Does it come with the tools needed to repair it?

Always check the description to see if the Samsung Galaxy replacement screen you are purchasing comes with the tools necessary to accomplish the task. Some kits will come with tools whereas others will not. If the part you are purchasing does not come with the necessary tools, you can purchase those separately either in a kit or individually. Here are some of the tools you will need to replace a Galaxy Note 3 screen:

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Spudger tool
  • Case-opening tool
  • Tweezers
Can I use this screen with other Samsung Galaxy Note models?

While the size of the screen itself might be the same from model to model, the components attached to the screen are not. Each individual Samsung Galaxy Note product is made to exact specifications, so each replacement screen will only work on that specific model. This screen is for the Note 3 specifically and is not interchangeable with any other Samsung Note products. Make sure you are buying the right replacement screen for the right model of Samsung Galaxy Note that you need a screen replacement for.

Are the kits all the same?

The majority of replacement screens for the Note 3 are after-market parts, so they are fabricated by a third party rather than the original manufacturer of the device itself. In addition, the replacement LCD screen will come with a front frame to replace your current frame. Some Samsung Galaxy Note 3 frames are white, and some are black. Some replacement kits will come with both a white and black frame while some will come only with one or the other. Be sure to check to ensure you are getting the right colored frame to go with your replacement screen, if a matching color is important to you.

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