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Kubota Skid Steer Loaders

Maximize Your Efficiency With a Kubota Skid Steer Loader

Being out at the construction site generally means that you have a lot of work to handle. To be more efficient at transporting products, digging, and grading, you can use a durable Kubota skid steer loader. They are versatile pieces of machinery that you can use in a variety of situations.

What are the sizes available?

Skid steer loaders found on eBay come with different sizes of frames. You could have a large, medium, or small frame; in general, that size determines the workload that a machine is capable of handling. Besides considering the weight that youre going to have to carry with your skid steer, youll also have to think about where and when youll be using your equipment. If youre transporting it all around to work on yards or in urban environments, you would likely need a smaller loader to get into tighter spaces. If the job requires you to be out in open land, a larger one may be more ideal.

As youre looking at size, remember to compare horsepower and torque on each model. These factors can also affect your efficiency in terms of fuel usage and the ability to handle your tasks.

How do skid steers arms lift?

They could move either radially or vertically. Radial lift machines have a bit of an arc as they swing to their maximum height. They could be used for activities that involve the bucket to be close to the ground, like when youre excavating, digging, or grading. Vertical lift machines go straight up. Theyre known for being able to carry heavier loads up to a higher level, such as over the walls of a dump truck.

What built-in safety features are there?

Some of the features include:

  • Low-effort hydraulic pilot controls: This hydraulic system lets you have better control over the machine. The components will be responsive to your touch, and youll be able to stay comfortable and at ease while in the cab.
  • Wide-cab entrances: If the entrance to the cab is wide, the operator will be able to have a wider range of view.
  • Accessibility of fuel tank: When a fuel tank is an easy-to-reach spot, you wont have to worry about reaching in or getting yourself in an awkward position while refueling. This also means that the other components can be better reached in case you have to check over anything.
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