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Mazda 3 Car & Truck Keyless Entry Remotes & Fobs

Keyless entry remotes provide convenience for your Mazda 3. When you need a replacement or spare remote, there are many options. By exploring more details, you can get the fob you need for your car.

How does keyless entry remotes work?

Keyless entry systems function using short-wave radio frequencies. When the remote is pressed, a signal is sent to a receiving unit that is inside of the Mazda 3. You will need to be relatively close to the vehicle so that the signal is received sufficiently. Once the button is pressed, the receiving unit tells the vehicle to perform the specific action, such as to lock or unlock the car. If your car is not already outfitted with this feature, you will need to install a receiving unit to ensure you can benefit from the various perks.

What are some of the features of a key fob?

There are various features available in a key fob, allowing you to go keyless and obtain other benefits. Not all manufacturers provide the same layout in a fob.

  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Security alarm
  • Remote start the car (if the feature is installed)
  • Retractable key for ignition
  • Trunk release
How do you program a fob?

Programming a key fob is a relatively simple process. You will likely need to be inside the Mazda to make sure that the signal is strong enough. You will need to press a series of buttons to sync the remote with the receiving unit that is already installed. Its important to follow all of the instructions that come with the keyless entry remote so that it is properly programmed.

What kind of battery does a remote take?

The average keyless entry remote uses a cell version. The actual model will depend on the remote. Its important to replace the battery from time to time as its the number one reason why a remote stops working.

How do you buy a remote for a Mazda 3?

Review a few details to ensure you buy the keyless entry remote you need for your Mazda 3.

  • Model year: Consider the model year to get a fob that will work.
  • Features: Review the features you want in your key fob.
  • OEM vs aftermarket: Decide between an OEM genuine Mazda part and an aftermarket one.
  • Full kit: You can obtain a full kit that includes a remote and receiving unit.