Honda Pilot Car Truck Keyless Entry Remote Fobs

Cold, icy weather or full hands can make it difficult to insert your key into the lock. A keyless entry remote fob is an effective solution for busy moms, college students with lots of heavy textbooks, or anyone who would love an easier and faster way to open or lock their Honda.

How does a keyless entry remote work?

The keyless entry remote is an electronic system that can lock, unlock, and control access to your Honda without ever having to physically insert a key into a door or trunks locking mechanism. Some Honda Pilots utilize a keyless system, making getting into and out of your vehicle an easier and more streamlined process. This is especially helpful when you are trying to load or unload your car or ushering children in and out.

How do you select a replacement Honda keyless remote?

Finding the correct key fob is easy. Keeping the year, engine size, make, and model of your vehicle handy will expedite this process and help you locate the perfect replacement and ensure that the keyless entry is compatible with your specific Honda. Different years and styles may use different versions of a keyless remote. Always double check to be sure it will work properly.

How do you replace your keyless remotes battery?

To replace the battery, start by turning the key fob over to the side without any buttons. You should be able to remove the back cover by either using a small screwdriver to remove the tiny screws holding it shut or by using a quarter or nickel in the indentation to turn the cover and loosen it. After taking the cover off, pull out the old battery and replace it with is the exact same size battery. After replacing it with a fresh one, you can put the cover back on, making sure to properly twist it on or tighten the screws appropriately to make sure it is secure. You may want to quickly test it out to be certain it is in perfect working order.

How do you reset a Honda keyless remote?
  1. Enter your Honda and close all the doors and trunk. Make sure they are unlocked.
  2. Insert your key into your Honda Pilots ignition. Turn the key two clicks in a clockwise motion. It will then be in the "ON" position.
  3. Using your keyless entry remote, press the unlock button and then turn the key back to the "OFF" position of the ignition.
  4. Repeat the second and third steps two more times, for a grand total of three times.
  5. Then turn your key into the ignitions "ON" position. This will start the programming sequence.
  6. Press the lock button on the keyless remote to reset the transmitter. Wait to make sure that the door locks respond appropriately.
  7. Turn the key back to the "OFF" position to complete the programming sequence. You can now use your new remote.