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Toyota Tacoma Key Blanks

Key blanks are sometimes a necessity for Toyota Tacoma owners. When you need a replacement key, this is one of the easiest options available. Knowing more about key blanks will allow you to get what you need for your Tacoma truck.

What are key blanks?

Key blanks are identified as such because the blade is smooth. It hasnt been cut with teeth to match the ignition cylinder of a specific vehicle yet. It can be used by a wide variety of vehicles. It is the cutting process that ensures it will only turn the engine of one specific Toyota truck.

Why get a key blank?

Key blanks can help you in various situations with your Toyota Tacoma. Whether you lose a key, you only received one key when you bought your truck, or you just want to have spares, you can get blanks for your Tacoma. You can then have as many cut as needed. You might want to keep only one as a spare, or you may decide to give one to every person who will be driving the truck.

How do you have the key blanks cut?

A key is commonly cut by a locksmith or at the Toyota dealership. There is a specialized machine that is used that grinds the metal of the blade and then buffs away the sharp edges. In order to have it cut properly, a key that already works on the Toyota Tacoma vehicle is used as a template for the key blank in the cutting process.

What do key blanks come with?

There are all sorts of features available in key blanks for a Toyota Tacoma, including:

  • A plastic bow: This is a molded plastic piece on top of the blade, often with a design or logo on it.
  • The Toyota logo: Toyotas three intertwined infinity symbols are often on the bow.
  • A keyless entry fob: If your Tacoma has been installed with the keyless entry option, then you would likely want to purchase a blank with a keyless entry fob.
How do you get blanks for a Toyota Tacoma?

By identifying a few details, you can find a key blank that will work for your Tacoma.

  • Model Year: Identify the Tacomas model year to get a blank that will fit the ignition.
  • Features: Decide on the features you want for your Toyota key blank, such as a keyless entry fob.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Determine if you want a genuine Toyota part or an aftermarket brand.