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KATA Camera Bags

Keeping your camera in an appropriately sized camera bag can make it easy to transport while also protecting it from damage. KATA camera bags are made in a variety of styles to distribute weight across different areas of the body. Three different collections cater to diverse photography and videography audiences.

What KATA photo and video camera bag collections are available?

KATA photo camera bags come in Ultra-Light, Pro-Light, and D-Light collections. In the Ultra-Light collection, technology, materials, and design are combined to create lightweight products without compromising function or practicality. Pro-Light is a multifeatured professional collection that provides carrying, storage, and working solutions. The D-Light collection is geared toward hobbyists and enthusiasts who need bags designed for carrying camera equipment and personal essentials.

What carrying types of camera bags exist?

Carrying types include slings, torso packs, backpacks, holsters, shoulder bags, waist packs, rolling bags, pouches, accessories, element covers, organizers, straps, and harnesses.

  • Slings and torso packs allow you to access cameras and equipment without having to remove the bag. KATA was one of the first companies to fully delve into torso and sling designs.
  • Backpacks are designed to distribute weight evenly across a wearer’s body.
  • Holsters are made for a minimalist approach when you need to get your camera out quickly. They dont offer room to carry many accessories, but they offer excellent quick access to your camera.
  • Shoulder models are ergonomic and lightweight so as not to compromise the wearer’s comfort or posture with an asymmetrical fit.
  • Waist packs are designed to be slung around the hips, which leaves the entire torso free and keeps cameras close. Sometimes, these packs can act as natural extensions to a backpack.
  • Rolling bags either have built-in wheels or are compatible with KATA’s Insertrolley, which is a device that turns a bag into a roller.
  • Pouches are the most compact option for camera storage and can be combined with another style of bag for extra room.
What kinds of accessories are available?

Accessories include tripod connections, auxiliary pouches for lenses and flashes, and trolleys with attached wheels for added ease of movement. Element covers protect against rain, dust, and snow. Organizers hold different types of supplies, like camera bodies, lenses, lighting, and grips.

What types of equipment do photo and video bags accommodate?

KATA camera bags accommodate DSLR, HDSLR, mirrorless/CSC/bridge cameras, point-and-shoot models, and support models, along with laptop cases, netbook cases, and lighting cases. Different protection types are made to help prevent damage from the elements and to provide a comfortable way to transport gear.

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