KTM Motorcycle Cylinder Heads and Valve Covers

KTM AG is an Austrian manufacturer known for manufacturing sports cars, motorcycles and accessories. The company specializes in standard off-road vehicles. If you need to replace or upgrade the cylinder heads and valve covers in your KTM AG vehicle, then the company offers a full range of parts to help you complete the job.

What are cylinder heads and valve covers?

The cylinder head and valve covers are both important components of the internal combustion engine. The cylinder head is located just above the cylinder on the combustion chamber. It performs multiple functions. First, it allows the fuel and air to enter the combustion chamber and the exhaust to leave. Second, it provides the top seal for the cylinder to keep the air and fuel mixture in the chamber. The valve cover, also known as the rocker cover, is a cover that fits over the rocker arms in the engine. The movement of the rocker arm opens the intake valve to the cylinder heads.

What are the symptoms of a bad or failing cylinder head?

The symptoms of damaged or failing cylinder heads include misfiring, poor performance, leaking oil or coolant, and smoke or strange noises emanating from the engine. Sometimes the engine will stall out completely and need to be restarted. The cylinder head is usually quite resistant to heat and general wearing, but parts of it can still crack or warp through extended usage. You should replace them immediately.

What should be considered when getting a new cylinder head?

If you are simply trying to replace your original factory-made cylinder head, then you should follow the recommendations of your original equipment manufacturer, or OEM for short. The OEM recommendation will give the same or a similar performance. If you want the cylinder to exceed OEM specifications, however, then the choice becomes more complicated.

The size and shape of the cylinder head determine the power output of your vehicle. Larger ports and a larger cylinder valve will generally produce more power. The throttle response and drivability of your vehicle are also important factors. You need to consider the type of vehicle you are using, the purpose for which you are using it, and the performance and compression ratio that would suit your vehicle.

A sports or off-road vehicle may require more performance than a normal cruising or driving vehicle, for instance. That necessitates a cylinder head with larger ports. Most cylinder heads are made of aluminum or cast iron. Aluminum is more lightweight and better at dissipating heat whereas cast iron is more durable. Another factor to consider is how the cylinder head interacts with other modifications in your engine.

You may need to modify other parts of the engine to derive the most power from an upgraded cylinder head. As always, you should check to make sure that the replacement part is compatible with the make, model, and year of your vehicle before purchasing it. Due to its precisely milled surface, the cylinder head is designed and manufactured to only fit in certain vehicles.