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Women's K2 Snowboards

For women snowboarders of all skill levels, finding the right K2 snowboard is crucial for a quality ride and experience. Depending upon your specific needs, the size and type of women's snowboards and bindings required can be very different. Familiarizing yourself with both types of K2 snowboards, and how to properly fit a board to both your size and style, are both imperative to enjoying a safe and successful ride.

How should women choose the right size of K2 snowboard?

The size of K2 snowboard you need depends not only on your size, but also on the type of snowboarding ride you enjoy. Shorter K2 snowboards should primarily be chosen for freestyle or park use. Longer K2 snowboards are better-suited for mountain and powder riding. Longer K2 snowboards are good for heavier individuals.

What are the different types of women's snowboards?

There are three basic types of K2 snowboards, some of which are more common than others. You can select from:

  • All-mountain: These K2 snowboards are the most commonly used among women, as they allow for virtually all forms of mountain use and are useful for powder and park conditions. They are highly versatile and particularly useful for beginners. The snowboard is shaped differently in the front than in the back, with the tail being somewhat narrower and flatter, allowing for greater balance. However, there are many women who choose to ride these K2 boards "backward," which is certainly doable.
  • Freestyle: These snowboards are shorter and more flexible, making them good for performing tricks and other maneuvers. Due to their shape and size, they are not as stable as other types of K2 snowboards, so they are not recommended for traveling fast or for making sharp turns.
  • Alpine: These K2 boards are much narrower in size and are designed to achieve higher speeds. They are more stable than the "trick" K2 boards and maximize effective edge control.
How do you properly select women's K2 snowboard bindings?

The quality and fit of your K2 snowboard's bindings is just as important, if not more so, than the K2 snowboard itself. There are a number of ways to be able to tell whether you're looking at the appropriate size for you. Make sure that:

  • Your heels fit snugly into the K2 binding.
  • Your boot is able to flex within the binding, but not able to sway.
  • If you're mostly boarding in terrain parks, choose a softer flex that allows you to land softly and maneuver more gracefully.
  • Choose a more medium flex for general use, which can include anything from park to powder and everything in between.