John Deere Tractors

John Deere makes high-performance tractors for almost every agricultural use and condition. From specialty tractors to row crop models, there’s a tractor for most outdoor tasks. While primarily designed for professionals, John Deere also makes tractors for everyday homeowners.

What types of John Deere tractors are available?
  • Utility: These John Deere farm trucks are designed to meet basic outdoor needs. They range in scale from compact single-family options to high-horsepower multi-family models. Utility tractors are made to be durable, versatile, and fuel efficient.
  • Specialty: John Deere's specialty tractors are designed for specialty crops. There are low profile/low clearance options, high crop/high clearance options, and narrow options. They are made for specific professional needs, and they're equipped with the necessary features, ranging from FT4 compliant engines to power bulge functions.
  • Row Crop: Row crop tractors are designed to optimize workflow. They have horsepowers between 140 and 400, and they're equipped to do everything from snow removal to manure hauling. They are ideal for both commercial farming and municipal applications. John Deere makes 6-series, 7-series, and 8-series row crop tractors.
  • Track: For an impressive machine, look no further than John Deere's track tractors. Equipped with 4WD, they can fit any application.
When selecting a John Deere tractor, what options are available?

Some of the options for these John Deere farm trucks include:

  • Operator Station: Some tractors have climate-controlled cabs, while others have open operator stations.
  • Transmission: John Deere offers manual and automatic transmission equipment options.
  • Loader Lift Height: When choosing a tractor, knowing how high the material will be lifted is essential. Utility tractors can be used to lift materials to heights ranging from 71 inches to 152 inches.
  • Mowing Material: Some utility tractors are designed to cut tall grass, while others work best on manicured lawns. Many are equipped to tackle both.
  • Lifting Capacity: When it comes to utility tractors, they have a maximum lift capacity that ranges from 800 pounds to 4,600 pounds.
  • Deck Size: For John Deere's standard tractors, mower deck size traditionally ranges from 54 inches to 72 inches.
  • Storage Requirements: Some tractors are sized so that they fit in a traditional garage. Buyers should take storage capacities into account before selecting a tractor.
What are standard features for John Deere's utility tractors?
  • Diesel: Most of these tractors have powerful diesel engines that can tackle any load. They have horsepower ranging from 23 to 135.
  • Serviceability: To extend life, every tractor is equipped with excellent serviceability functions, such as easy access to service points and onboard self-diagnostic capabilities.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: This transmission optimizes tractor performance thanks to easy maneuverability, twin touch foot pedals, and oil cooling equipment.