Jade Trees

Decorative jade trees are made out of different types of stones and crystals. They come in different designs, such as fruit trees, flower trees, and bonsai trees. They are meant for decorative purposes, but they are also known to give healing benefits to those who own them. The jade tree is part of feng shui and it is used by many believers who want to have a healthy and prosperous home.

What Does a Jade Tree Do For You?

The jade stone is popular for many reasons. It is used as jewelry in rings and there is even a jade roller for beauty purposes. However, the jade tree is meant to give off energy in an area of your home or office or wherever you choose to put it. Here are its believed benefits:

  • A jade gem tree is used for its health benefits.
  • It can also be used for prosperity and fortune.
  • The jade tree also brings luck.
  • It also helps increase one's longevity.

What Designs of the Jade Tree Are Available?

The jade tree is not just a piece of green glass that you can use as decor. It comes in many forms with different combinations of special stones like quartz, lapiz lazuli, amethyst, and more––all of which come with their own unique and beneficial properties as well. Here are some types of jade trees which include:

  • Antique Plum Jade Peach Tree from China
  • Vintage Chinese Jade Trees with Rose Quartz Flower Buds
  • Vintage Cloisonne Jade Tree with White Japanese Flowers
  • Chinese Glass Jade Bonsai Tree with Flowers and Berries
  • Antique Chinese Jade Cherry Blossom Tree with Jade Flowers

How Should You Care for Your Jade Tree?

A jade tree is a very delicate piece of decor. They are collectibles because almost no two original jade trees are the same. They differ in size as well, which is something to consider when caring for your jade tree. Since it is not an actual plant, it requires a different kind of care especially if you want to keep it in its original condition. Here's how to care for your jade tree:

  • Dust it lightly using a feather or static duster.
  • Keep the artificial soil from pests and molds by adding cleaners or pesticides.
  • Keep the jade tree in a place where it will not be disturbed such as a glass case or a high shelf.
  • If it accumulates dirt, use soft cotton to clean out the tight crevices, arcs, and corners of the leaves or fruits.