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Replacement Main Boards for Your JVC Television

JVC televisions are made of many different components. If you notice that your TV is not operating optimally you can find a replacement part. With a few tools and a new component you can get your JVC TV back to full functionality.

When should you replace a JVC TV board?

If you are noticing that the TV is not functioning correctly, it may be time to repair the main board. This part controls all of the electrical functions within the television. Any problem with your JVC television's images and sounds can also be traced to this part. Most issues can be solved by replacing the main board.

How do you know which replacement part to purchase?

You will need to identify which component is faulty on your JVC TV. There are a variety of replacement boards available. To ensure that your part is compatible with your JVC television, you must purchase a board that is specifically made for that model. A replacement main board must match up correctly to your TV. If you repair the TV with an incompatible model you may lose functionality of your unit.

What types of boards are available?

The different television components include:

  • Main: Also known as the motherboard, this is the largest component of the television. It contains audio and video inputs/outputs. It controls all of the electrical functions of the TV as well.
  • Inverter: These boards are found in LCD televisions. They hold the LCD backlight and are shaped like thin rods. If the display panel is dark or distorted, you may have a faulty inverter board.
  • Power supply: This board contains transformers, circuits, and capacitors. As the name suggests, it supplies all the power to the television unit.
  • Timing control: This is also known as the T-CON board. It is found on both LCD and LED TVs. The purpose of this part is to digitize information and turn that signal into an image on the TV screen. If you are noticing that the image is distorted or pixelated, it is time to repair this component.

How do you replace the main board?

The process to replace the main board can be accomplished at home in these few steps:

  • Turn it off: Power off the JVC TV and ground yourself.
  • Take it off: Unscrew and remove the back cover.
  • Unplug: Unplug all cables and wires from the main board.
  • Remove: Unscrew and remove the faulty main board.
  • Replace: Install the replacement part.
  • Put back: Reattach screws and the replacement main board.
  • Connect it: Reconnect wires and cables.
  • Replace: Secure back cover to the unit.

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