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How to Choose Audio Speaker Tweeters

A tweeter is a special type of speaker, and when combined with other types of audio equipment, such as subwoofers, you can create a layered sound system that gives your audio dimension and richness. JBL makes a variety of tweeters made from varied materials and with numerous features, so you can select the ones that fit your needs.

What Do Tweeters Do?

Every type of audio component has a different task, and together they work to produce smooth and flawless sound when you put a vehicle sound system together.

  • Just as an amplifier is responsible for the low frequencies of sound, a tweeter takes care of the high frequencies.
  • They help to create more immersive, detailed sound by balancing out and dispersing the audio.
  • Tweeters can enhance and improve the way your existing speakers sound by increasing performance and response, even if you're just using a factory sound system. A powerful crossover network can amplify the power of your speakers with a higher frequency response.

What Features Do Tweeters Provide?

Like all types of audio equipment, JBL tweeters have several features that make them appealing additions to any audio setup. When you're mounting car speakers, don't leave tweeters out of your setup, because without them, your system isn't complete.

  • Tweeters can handle power at any range, no matter how many RMS watts your system has. The brand recommends that you keep your amplifier within 25 to 135 watts for the most effective results.
  • The impedance of your tweeter is measured in ohms, and car audio equipment typically ranges between two and four ohms. This number does have to do with power, but your components also must match up well to work smoothly together for a strong sound experience, so choosing a higher number of ohms doesn't necessarily mean a more powerful speaker.
  • Frequency response is important because it helps to make up for variations in the location where you install your components as well as in the sound spectrum of hearing. This is measured in kHz or Hz.

How Do You Choose Tweeters?

Selecting the right equipment can be daunting, as these types of components come in different wattages, in various shapes, and with a variety of sensitivity specifications and impedance.

  • A higher number of voice coils indicates added power output without distortion.
  • You can select from two-way or three-way styles. A three-way speaker has an extra piece of equipment to produce mid-range sounds and balance out your system, but it's not completely necessary.
  • These pieces come in different shapes. You can choose among dome tweeters, cone designs, and semi-domes. Cones are common, but a dome may offer improved sound due to the dispersion pattern.

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