BMW 328i Interior Door Panels and Parts

BMW released the 328i for the 2011 model year as part of the BMW 3 Series. BMW is a name thats synonymous with a quality vehicle, but in order to keep its luxurious style, its important to maintain features such as the BMW 328i interior door panels and parts.

Why is the BMW rear door so difficult to operate?

There are a few signs that you may begin to notice when your BMW 3 Series needs door latch parts replaced. The latch doesnt securely catch on the frames anchor is an indicator when the door of your car wont stay closed. A car door should be effortless to close and catch securely. The doors latch not aligning with the anchor is indicative of the door beginning to sag so as not to align with the vehicles frame. On the other hand, you may finally get the BMW 3 Series door to stay closed but cannot reopen it. This requires taking the door apart to get to the linkage.

Why is the front passenger door so hard to close?

You may want to take a look at the door hinge pins and bushings on your BMW. These pieces wear out after a while due to constant use. There are pin and bushing kits offered through BMW that will accommodate your doors.

A cars door will slowly begin to sag over time, which throws it out of alignment with the frame. It affects the latch and hinge rollers capacity to secure the door adequately, which may require replacement.

Are the interior door handles interchangeable?

The door handles are interchangeable between the various trim packages of the BMW. For instance, you will be able to replace a sedan door handle with one from a coupe. You can also replace the BMW 3 Series complete door handle kit within the door panel instead of just the handle. Be aware that the BMW door handle trim is color specific.

What parts are required to change the interior door locks?

It depends on how the lock is being problematic in your BMW 328i. Just inside the BMW 3 Series door panel is the cable, which provides the tension for the lock button on the door. It may need to be replaced if you notice the BMW door immediately unlocks on its own after youve locked it. If you see that the electronic lock is no longer working, it could indicate the cylinder, which is located within the lock assembly, may need to be repaired. An entire BMW 3 Series assembly kit is an option if it looks like multiple areas need attention.