Consoles and Parts for Chevrolet Corvette

The consoles and parts for Chevrolet Corvette are part of the central storage features located between the driver and front passenger seat. It is one of the essential Corvette parts found in every model of Corvette, from the Stingray to the Z06, convertible or hardtop.

What is the function of a Corvette console?

A center console serves several functions in the Chevrolet Corvette, and it’s one of several accessories throughout the interior of the coupe. It acts as a storage unit to place small objects, such as a phone, wallet, or registration for your Chevrolet Corvette. It also acts as a cover for the Chevrolet coupes transmission, leading to the engine, which would otherwise stick up in the center. The lid on the Chevrolet console can function as an armrest for the Corvette driver or the passenger. The console is as much an essential part as a wheel, engine, or exhaust in a Chevy coupe high-performance vehicle.

How do you remove the Chevrolet Corvettes console?

Removing the existing Corvette console is an intricate, although not difficult, process. Before starting, it is imperative that your Corvette is on a flat, sturdy surface with the parking brake engaged and the Chevys engine turned off. Place the Chevrolet in neutral and begin removing the Corvettes shifter head by unscrewing it on the side using the appropriate tool; the type of screw will vary by year of production of the Corvette. Next, remove the Chevrolets lid by opening the center console and unscrewing the hinges. Then, take the cover surrounding the Chevrolets parking brake off and remove the rivets holding the console in place above it. Between the carpet and console will be a synthetic plastic-like border. Carefully remove this by pulling it out of its grooves. Continue to unscrew the remaining screws, nuts, and bolts holding the console in place to the Chevrolet, from the interior and areas held over the shifter, and up to the Chevrolet Corvettes cigarette lighter region. Finally, carefully pull the Chevrolet Corvettes console out of place and put it aside.

How do you install a replacement Corvette console?

Once the previous Chevrolet Corvette console has been removed, installing the replacement console is a simple process, no matter whether it’s an OEM dealer model or aftermarket Chevrolet part. Keep your Corvette in neutral with the parking brake on. Place the Chevrolet console cover over the components and push it into place in the Corvette. Screw in every part of the Chevrolet console and then replace the Corvettes flexible covers and synthetic divider between the convertibles carpeting and the console. From here, you can attach the lid to the hinges and then the Chevrolet coupes console will be fully installed. Ensure its securely fastened as the transmission leading to the engine should be well-protected.

How do you replace the console lid?

To replace the Chevrolet Corvettes console lid, open up the center console, as you normally would. Take a screwdriver, most commonly a size 15-torque head screwdriver, depending on the year of the Chevrolet Corvette convertibles production, and remove the screws holding the lid onto the hinges. Then, attach the replacement lid in its place and make sure it is securely fastened to the Chevrolet Corvette to avoid it falling off while driving or from the engines vibrations.