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Ford Crown Victoria Intake Manifold

A Ford Crown Victoria can be made more efficient and adapted to different needs by installing a performance intake manifold. Ford Crown Victoria intake manifolds are available in multiple configurations and styles depending on the individual needs of the vehicle. Here are some questions that can help you find the correct parts for a Ford Crown Victoria.

What do intake manifolds do?

Intake manifolds help your car transfer the stored energy in fuel to motion. They allow fuel and air from the carburetor and engine valves to pass through and occasionally control the minimum condensation of fuel allowed. In order to draw in fuel and air, it creates a vacuum. A high-performance manifold can help boost the efficiency of the Ford Crown Victoria. Over time, components of this part like gaskets may need to be replaced.

How do you choose an intake manifold for the Victoria?

First, look into the styles available and find what is the most suitable style for your Crown Victoria. To help decide between two similar choices, examine the specs of each part to compare. After that, have the make, model, and year ready to ensure that parts can accommodate this model. Then, you should be able to make a selection.

What is a single plane manifold?

A single plane manifold has one opening, known as a plenum, to supply the chambers of the Ford Crown Victorias engine. The single opening allows an equal flow of oxygen to each cylinder when the car is running. For people who use their Ford for racing or use over 8,000 rpm, this choice provides a high amount of airflow.

What is a dual plane manifold?

A dual plane manifold uses two plenums, or intakes, to allow the entrance of fuel and air. These are sometimes known as 180-degree intakes as well. In this configuration, each plenum feeds four of the eight cylinders in a V-8 engine. For those who participate in mild races or frequently idle their vehicles, a dual plane will offer high efficiency.

What are some other styles available for Fords?

While single and dual configurations are the most common, there are several others available.

  • Square-bore: These have four holes that draw in air. All four are the same size.
  • Spread-bore: Like the square-bore, these also have four holes to facilitate an exchange, but the two closest to the bottom are larger, and the opposite two are smaller.
  • Low/medium-rise: These intakes are usually about the same size and tend to fit well underneath the cars hood.
  • High-rise: These intakes are taller than low or medium rise, offering more power to Fords that use higher rpms. While they are seen often on the street, they reach their maximum potential in high-rpm racing.
  • Tunnel-ram: A tunnel-ram is even taller than a high-rise, offering it the maximum amount of horsepower.