Subaru Forester Instrument Panel Lights

An instrument panel is the main point of communication for a vehicle as you drive it. Over time, the lights for the instrument panel may need replaced. With a wide selection of Subaru Forester instrument panel lights, you can find what you need.

How do you check dash light fuses on a Subaru Forester?

Most vehicles manufactured by Subaru, including the Forester, have two fuse boxes. One fuse box is located in the vehicles engine compartment and contains extra fuses and a fuse removal tool. A second fuse box is located in the passenger compartment. Make sure that the ignition on your Subaru is turned to "Lock." You will want to retrieve the fuse clamp from the engine compartment and, then, open the box in the SUV interior. You will find a diagram on the lid of the box, or you can refer to a manual for the year of your Subaru Forester. Locate the proper fuse and, then, use the tool to remove it. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new fuse of the same rating. Close both boxes, remembering to place the extra fuses and tool in the box located in the engine compartment.

How are instrument lights accessed on a Subaru Forester?

Subaru designs all of their vehicles in a way to make it easy to service them, including the instrument panels on the Subaru Forester. There are only a few parts that you will need to remove in order to gain access to the bulbs on the back of the Forester instrument cluster panel. If any of the panel lights need to be replaced, refer to your Subaru Forester owners manual for the correct bulb number. Follow these steps to access the panel lights:

  • Lower the steering wheel completely.
  • Remove the two screws holding the instrument cluster shroud and slide it out.
  • Remove the three screws holding the instrument panel and slide it out.
  • On the backside of the panel, you can access the blue lights as well as the various warning lights.
  • Once you have checked and replaced any bulbs, reverse the process to re-install the instrument panel on your Subaru.
Which warning lights are standard on Forester SUVs by Subaru?

The exact configuration of warning lights on a Subaru will depend upon the model year and trim you are looking at. Some of the standard warning lights that Subaru installs include safety warnings for vehicle airbags, doors, and seatbelts. Subaru also installs standard vehicle warning lights for the engine and driving warning lights including brake, check engine, engine oil pressure, low oil, temperature, and low fuel warning.