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Instrument Panel Lights for Honda Civic

The instrument panel is an essential component of a vehicle. It can tell a driver critical information such as how much fuel is in the gas tank, how hot the engine is, or if there are any other issues with the vehicle. With proper instrument panel lighting, you can easily see this information, and you can resolve any problems in a timely and efficient manner.

What lights are available for a Honda Civic instrument cluster?

You may choose between standard bulbs and LEDs. Although a conventional halogen bulb provides white light, it may be possible to buy bulbs that offer different colors as well. LEDs are available in almost any color that a driver wants to use.

Can you use multiple colors to illuminate vehicle instruments?

If you choose aftermarket instrument panel kits, you can find options that offer multiple colors for instrument cluster lights. Available colors include green, purple and red. Kits may be available that offer dome and climate control lights in addition to those used on the instrument panel.

Can drivers use a mixture of traditional and LED lights?

Most instruments use bulbs that work correctly with each instrument. This specification means that a driver could choose to have LEDs to illuminate the speedometer or tachometer and use traditional bulbs to light the gas tank gauge. You may want to use LEDs on instrument gauges that you use most frequently because LEDs tend to use less energy. Traditional halogen bulbs, however, work exceptionally well for those who want to use them instead.

What indicator symbols will appear on a Civic instrument panel?

If there is an issue with the vehicle, a warning light may appear on the dashboard. For instance, if the battery is having difficulty charging, an indicator that looks like a battery will appear. If you do not have your seatbelt on, a symbol in the shape of a seat with a belt attached will likely appear.

Indicators may also come on when there is low tire pressure or if the traction control is turned off. If the gas cap is loose, the check engine symbol may appear until the issue resolves. Dash lights will appear when the car is first turned on, and this does not mean that there is a problem. You may wish to consult your owners manual to learn more about what such symbols may say and how to correct the issues that they indicate.