Indo Board Balance Trainers

Indo Board Balance Trainers are an innovative fitness device that helps people improve balance, strength, and more. Indo Board trainers are used by athletes, physical trainers, and fitness trainers due to their design quality and durability. These boards are a fun, effective method of balance training.

What are Indo Boards?

The Indo Board Original has two main components. First, there is an oval wooden deck. It is made of Baltic Birch wood and measures 30 inches by 18 inches. This oval board is placed on a 6.5-inch roller. The board tilts on the roller, offering users a 360-degree sphere of instability. Some boards also come with a cushion. This can be used in lieu of the roller to make balance training accessible to people of all skill levels.

How do you use the Indo Board?

The Indo Board is designed for balance training, but it can be used in many different ways. Beginners usually start by simply standing on the board with their feet shoulder width apart, their spine held straight, and their knees slightly bent. Holding this position engages the core muscles, the leg muscles, and the upper body.

What exercises can you do on the Indo Balance Board?

After beginners get their bearings on their balance board, they move on to more difficult exercise routines. When using the roller, these boards can be used to do squats, pushups, planks, bear walking, oblique twists, and arm kickbacks. With the cushion, the board can be used to do lunges, hip raises, and bicep curls.

Can the Indo Board be used for yoga exercises?

Many Yoga lovers use these training boards to add intensity to their Yoga practice. To meet this demand, the brand released the Indo Yoga Board, which is a 6-foot wooden board attached to four rockers. This results in an adjustable level of instability, which forces users to engage their muscles and increase their focus. Yoga Indo boards can be used to do all sorts of poses, from downward dog to warrior pose.

What are some activities balance boards can improve performance in?

Balance boards increase the strength, balance, and endurance of any type of athlete. These balance boards are particularly helpful for sports such:

  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding
  • Swimming
  • Snowboarding
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Sailing
  • Soccer
  • Yoga
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball

Indo boards are available in many different colors and styles. These balance boards are decorated with yin-yang art, snowy mountaintops, blue spirals, and colorful surfing scenes.