HyperX PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600) Memory (RAM)

What to Consider When Looking for DDR3 RAM

Kingston HyperX RAM is available in multiple forms. You can find a DDR3-1600 RAM or PC3-12800 setup for your computer, but you must look at what you can find from HyperX. The company makes its solid-state memory modules in many forms. The installation process is universal for every SDRAM unit you utilize.

What are Some Models?

The model from HyperX include the following:

  • FURY. The Kingston HyperX FURY set is a plug and play module that uses auto-overclocking to go from 1600 MHz to 1866 MHz. A heat spreader on the HyperX FURY layout allows the memory to run without overheating.
  • Savage. The Kingston HyperX Savage has a low profile to help the component fit into a larger computer. The aluminum body includes a heat spreader to keep the memory from overheating while overclocking.
  • Predator. The HyperX Predator is a heavy-duty model that runs from 1866 MHz to 2666 MHz depending on what you select. The smallest unit in the Predator line is 8 GB in size.

How Do You Install It?

The installation process takes a few moments and does not require any software:

  1. Perform an online scan to confirm the type of DDR3 RAM you require.
  2. Unplug your computer before installing.
  3. Remove the cover from your computer. The space you will install the memory to should be open.
  4. Touch a grounded metal object before handling your memory piece. Doing so reduces the risk of static electricity getting on the module.
  1. Depending on your rig, you might have to remove an older memory piece. Press down on the locks for the memory and gently remove the old piece out from your computer.
  2. Align your RAM unit along an open memory socket. The open space may include the one you just removed an old item from.
  3. Insert the unit into the motherboard socket. Listen for a snapping sound.
  4. Secure the locks on the sides to keep the setup in its place.
  5. Put the computer cover back on.
  6. Start up the computer. Your unit should recognize the new memory.

What are Other Considerations?

There are several considerations to see when finding DDR3 RAM for your use:

  • Capacity. You can find memory units from HyperX in different sizes. The size varies based on the brand you use. The HyperX FURY comes in 4 GB and 8 GB sizes, for example.
  • Chipset Support. Many memory units are compatible with select AMD or Intel chipsets.
  • Fit Style. Your memory should feature a 240-pin DIMM layout, although a smaller SODIMM unit may work for a laptop computer that uses smaller memory pieces.
  • Kit Points. Depending on your motherboard, you might have to get two of the same modules. This includes getting two 4 GB DDR3 units instead of a single 8 GB one depending on how your motherboard works.

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