Hub Caps for Toyota Tundra

Toyota first introduced the full-size pickup Tundra in the United States in 1999. Owners may protect their Toyota Tundras wheels, rims, brakes, and other parts from damage by choosing from a variety of options that can replace different sizes of Tundra wheel covers and hubcaps.

What are Toyota logo hub cap choices for Tundra?

Tundra owners may choose many different finishes and looks for hub caps for their truck featuring Toyotas logo comprised of three overlapping ellipses representing the companys heart, customers hearts, and company vision. Toyota Tundra logo center caps include five-lug models with a raised logo or center caps with a small embossed logo. Depending on the Toyota trucks model year, wheel size, and trim style, chrome, steel, or painted silver or black wheelskins and caps are available.

Are there Toyota Tundra wheel center caps?

Wheel center caps extend over the the wheel center in sport-style wheels, and hubcaps generally extend over the entire wheel or the majority of the rim. Toyota Tundra center caps are available in chrome, painted silver, Toyota logo, brushed steel, and plain versions. Owners may purchase OEM center caps for their Toyota wheels, and should know the wheel size, number of lugs, and vehicle model and trim edition.

Which special edition Toyota Tundra wheel covers are there?

Truck owners with alloy wheels or similar sport looks can select special edition wheelskins for their Toyota, which are made of ABS plastic that can resist impacts while protecting the wheel. Chrome and black wheelskins are available as well as replacement center caps for special editions like the Ivan "Ironman" Stewart Signature Series, Rock Warrior, and Toyota Platinum Edition with 20-inch wheels.

Does Toyota Tundra have TRD wheel covers or center caps?

Toyota Racing Division (TRD) wheel covers, center caps, and decals are available for the Tundra. Owners may add racing logos to aftermarket center caps or select enamel or embossed center caps with the Toyota Racing logo. Complete center caps will fit different lug configurations and wheel sizes, including large 20 to 24-inch wheels for off-road or custom editions of the Toyota.

Are there single hubcaps for Toyota Tundra?

Replacing a damaged hubcap is more than a cosmetic repair. Because center caps and complete caps protect the wheel, brakes, rims, and other moving parts from winter weather, sleet, dust, and gravel, replacing a damaged or missing center cap or complete cap protects the truck from potential damage. Single replacement parts are available from genuine Toyota, used, refurbished, and OEM and custom parts sellers. Sets of two and four caps may also be purchased for the Tundra.