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Hello Kitty Cases for iPhone 6

Colorful and Creative Hello Kitty Cases for iPhone 6

Hello Kitty cases for iPhone 6 are available in a variety of different designs, silhouettes, and colors. An assortment of materials is utilized to construct different case designs. Caring for a Hello Kitty iPhone 6 case appropriately can help to keep it as efficient as possible.

What materials are utilized to make cases?

Cases are made from different materials, including rigid plastic, silicone, gel, rubber, and synthetic leather. Some cases require combining materials, while others are made from a single textile. Sometimes the backing of a case will be made from rigid plastic while the detailing and cutouts are made from silicone or gel. Similarly, some plastic cases feature silicone or gel bumpers as an inner layer.

What styles of cases are available?

Cases come in all different styles, including three dimensional, bumper, flip, hybrid, fitted, and wallet silhouettes.

  • 3D cases have detailing that extends off the flat back of the case. For instance, a three-dimensional cutout of Hello Kitty might adorn the back of a 3D case.
  • Bumper cases feature a silicone layer that sits inside a plastic layer, or has sides that extend just past the face of the iPhone 6. This way, if the phone is placed face down upon a surface, the case makes contact with the surface rather than the phoneEUR(TM)s screen.
  • Flip cases have a portion that hinges to fold over the face of the phone when it is not in use. Sometimes, closing the flip case can automatically put the iPhone into sleep mode.
  • Hybrid cases contain elements from multiple styles of cases. Fitted cases or skins cover the outside of the phone and generally do not include a bumper. These styles are thin and fit close to the device.
  • Wallet cases often offer places for several cards in addition to housing an iPhone 6. They serve to provide room for essentials in one place.
What kinds of colors and designs are available?

Hello Kitty iPhone 6 cases come in all different colors, including black, blue, clear, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. Designs include Hello KittyEUR(TM)s face on the back as well as other characters. Some cases feature solid colored backgrounds, while others include different patterns or prints.

What are care tips for Hello Kitty iPhone 6 cases?

Most Hello Kitty iPhone 6 cases can be removed from the phone and wiped down with a damp, soft cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or spills. Often, gentle soap can also be used to wash the case. Once it is clean, dry it completely before replacing in over the phone. Ensure that no moisture stays on the case, as it can make its way into openings of the phone.

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