Volvo XC60 Headlights

The XC60 by Volvo is a compact luxury crossover sport utility vehicle that began production in 2008. It comes with front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and it has either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission and premium gasoline or diesel engine, with the ability to upgrade to a hybrid engine. After a few years of routine driving at night, the XC60 may need to have its headlight covers or bulbs replaced in order for you to maintain nighttime visibility.

What are the features of Volvo XC60 headlights?
  • Integrated high and low beams: The Volvo XC60 SUV offers headlights that have integrated high and low beams so that you can adjust the level of brightness based on the weather and traffic conditions to increase vehicle safety.
  • Capability to convert to light emitting diodes: Vintage model years of the XC60 may be converted to accept light emitting diode bulbs in the headlights with a lamp conversion kit that integrates into the lights housing.
  • Long bulb life span: The xenon halogen bulbs that work in the XC60s headlights offer a long life span so that you do not need to change the bulbs often.
How do you select headlights for the Volvo XC60?
  • Select the correct wattage of the bulb: Refer to your Volvo owners manual in order to ensure that you select the correct wattage of the bulb in the headlight assembly. The available bulbs for the Volvo range from 120 to 980 watts.
  • Choose the type of bulb: Select a xenon halogen, light emitting diode, or incandescent light bulb for the assembly.
  • Select a manufacturer: Choose a manufacturer for the headlight assembly, cover, or bulbs. These products are available by manufacturers including Auto DN, Depo Auto Parts, IC Beamer, Philips, Putco, Wagner, and WD Express. There are also unbranded headlights and light bulbs available for your Volvo XC60.
How do you replace bulbs in Volvo headlights?

It is necessary to replace a burned out bulb in your turbo Volvo XC60 SUV before you drive at night again because fully functioning headlights are required by law. To replace a burned out light bulb in the headlight assembly of your Volvo, you will need to begin by releasing the hood and propping it up. Reach into the headlight assembly housing through the engine block, which allows you to access the back side of the assembly of the XC60. Remove the lights power connector by turning it slightly counterclockwise. Remove the assemblys dust cover by turning it one quarter of a full rotation counterclockwise. Press down on the clip to release the light bulb. You may need to lightly tug the base of the bulb to release it. Hold the new bulb with a tissue over your fingers. Push the replacement bulbs base into the clips. Reattach the dust cover and power connector. Put your key in the Volvo XC60s ignition and set it to "run." Turn on the Volvo SUVs headlights to check that they are operating correctly.