Headlights for Subaru Impreza

Headlights for Subaru Impreza

Having the proper set of headlights for your Subaru Impreza is critical for top performance and safety. There are many different headlight options available and finding exactly what you need may seem overwhelming. Understanding what types of headlights are available, the various brightness levels that are offered, the differences between bulbs types, and what purposes they serve is a good place to start.

What types of headlight bulbs are there?

These are the three main types of headlight bulbs available for Subaru Imprezas:

  • Halogen bulbs: This is an extremely bright option that has a lifetime of about 500 hours. There are many different types of halogen bulbs available. Halogen bulbs are commonly used for headlights in automobiles. They work by igniting a tungsten filament that is sealed within the bulb.
  • HID bulbs: These bulbs use xenon gas to work and provide a strong, wide lighting pattern. The lifetime of this kind of bulb can last well over 2,000 hours. These lights are quite efficient choice as they dont require much energy to run.
  • LED bulbs: Light emitting diode or LED bulbs are also becoming increasingly common. They provide maximum output using a minimal amount of energy, making them highly efficient. LED headlights have the coolest color temperature of all of the bulb types and often provide a very white light. LED lights offer great reflection when it comes to road signs, which helps to increase safety on the road.
How do you choose the right size headlights?

It may be confusing trying to figure out which style or type of headlight best fits your Subaru. Here are some guidelines that may help you choose:

  • Know the exact year, model, and trim style of your Impreza. Each model year can have different headlight styles. In addition, many trim styles have different body styles that can affect which type of headlight casing and components they will require. Finding the correct fit and which headlights are compatible with your car is critical.
  • Consult your owners manual to see if you can find the part number of the headlights that you need. This is one of the easiest ways to find the exact part that you may want to replace on an Impreza.
What is the difference between sealed and composited beam headlights?

Sealed beam headlights are sold as a single unit that includes both the bulb and the lens. These components are very simple to install. On the other hand, composite beam headlights are sold as two different parts, separating the bulb and the lens. These headlights can be beneficial if only one part of the headlight needs to be replaced.

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