Nissan Pathfinder Headlights

When all Nissans head to the dealership, they are outfitted with headlights to keep the passengers safe at night. In some cases, you may want to replace your Pathfinders headlights for functional or aesthetics reasons. There are three main types of bulbs that can be used in your headlights for your Nissan Pathfinder.

What are the different types of headlight bulbs?
  • Halogen: These incandescent bulbs cast a yellow or white light and have an average life span of about 1,000 hours. This is the most common type of OEM headlight found on Nissans.
  • Xenon: These bulbs cast a blue and white light. They are brighter than incandescent halogen lights and have an average life span of about 2,000 hours. They are generally found on sport or luxury SUV models.
  • LEDs: These light emitting diode lights are controlled by the Pathfinderss computer. They create a bright white light with low heat output. LEDs have an average life span of about 30,000 hours. Your Nissan Pathfinders system must be specifically wired to be compatible with these types of lights.
What factors should you consider when looking for replacement headlights?

When looking for new headlights in your cargo vehicle, you should consider several factors or features, including the following:

  • OEM or aftermarket: OEM refers to the original equipment manager for your Nissan, while aftermarket refers to manufacturers who did not make the original part for the Nissan Pathfinder. OEM headlights will meet the specific standards for your vehicle, while aftermarket options may have the additional features that you are looking to add to your Nissan.
  • Compatibility: Manufacturers of the part will let you know if the headlights are compatible with your vehicle. If the headlights that you want are not compatible, you may be able to get your system rewired to make them work.
  • Adaptive front lighting systems: Called AFS, this system allows the vehicles computer to adjust the brightness of the headlights automatically. Most replacement headlights are able to connect to this safety feature if your vehicle is outfitted with it. However, this is a feature you should look for just to be certain.
  • Self-leveling features: This safety feature keeps the headlights turned toward the road when you travel over hills and around corners. This prevents bright lights from temporarily blinding other motorists.
How do you replace the headlight housing assembly?

The headlight assembly is the component that actually houses the bulbs that light up your way. If you want to replace the old headlight assembly on your standard or Platinum Pathfiner with a new OEM part or an aftermarket part, there are several steps you can take.

  • Open the hood of your Pathfinder. The headlight support should be in front of the radiator. Locate the headlight bulbs.
  • Once you find the bulbs, look for the back of the housing assembly. There will be attachment nuts that hold the whole headlight assembly in place. In some cases, you may need to remove the battery and other engine components to have access to the attachment nuts.
  • Using a ratchet and metric sockets, you can remove the attachment nuts and remove the housing unit.
  • Put in your new headlight housing unit and reattach the attachment nuts. Replace any other Pathfinder components that you may have removed.