Headlights for Mercury Grand Marquis

Headlights are an essential safety feature for any Mercury car, and the Mercury Grand Marquis is no exception. There are several different kinds of Mercury headlight units and parts to choose from depending on what you need. With a wide selection of headlights, you can find something to fit your Mercury Grand Marquis.

What is a Mercury Grand Marquis OEM headlight?

With any car part, the designation of "OEM" refers to the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Every car is the product of the work of several different companies who each work on different parts. The first builder for each part is the OEM. Any headlight marketed as being OEM means that the first builder produced it, so it conforms to the original design for the car. It is guaranteed to fit the sockets for those lighting units and the case as long as no modifications have been made to the car since it was new. Any non-OEM light is called aftermarket. These can be quite different in terms of color, strength, orientation, material, and along other dimensions as well. But as long as it says it is compatible with your Mercury Grand Marquis it should fit.

What bulbs do headlights for the Mercury Grand Marquis use?

The two most prevalent Mercury headlight bulb styles used in the Mercury Grand Marquis are halogen and LED. Halogen is the former industry standard that used to be universal but is now giving way to LED lights. LEDs for vehicles are designed to be long-lasting, bright, and energy-efficient. A Mercury Grand Marquis with halogen lights can be modified to use LED bulbs, but the reverse is usually not possible.

What kinds of Mercury vehicle headlights are available?

There are two main kinds of light units that you can install in your Grand Marquis when you need to replace your Grand Marquis headlights. The regular kind is symmetrical and includes a main light in white and a turn indicator in yellow. There is also a system of round lights that sit just under the regular ones and provide additional lighting. These are not separated by side because they are identical on both the left and right.

What is color temperature for Grand Marquis headlights?

Color temperature is a measure of the shade of light that any source beams, including Grand Marquis headlight bulbs. It is measured in degrees Kelvin. The scale starts at 2700K, which is a soft yellow color. Its beam steadily brightens until it becomes almost pure white by about 3500K. Then it transitions to sky blue until it is almost entirely blue by 6500K and up. There is no optimal color, but LEDs and HIDs generally have higher ranges for color temperature than halogens.