Headlights for Mercedes-Benz C250

Your luxury coupe or sedan just isn’t as classy with a burned-out headlight. With so many different types of head lights and assemblies to choose from, it’s incredibly easy to find the perfect illumination equipment for your C250. Browse through this comprehensive online collection to select the ultimate upgrade or replacement light thrower for your C-Class Mercedes-Benz sedan.

What are the benefits of LED lighting in a Mercedes-Benz?

LED lighting is one of the most cutting-edge technologies available to the contemporary consumer. LED light bulbs, called diodes, take up a minuscule amount of energy and throw an impressive glow. To top it off, LEDs are the longest lasting type of light bulb available to C-Class Mercedes-Benz owners, with the estimated life expectancy of a single diode being 50,000 hours.

How do you install a new low beam HID bulb in a Mercedes-Benz C250?

Installing a new low beam HID bulb in your C-Class Mercedes-Benz sedan is a simple task necessitating basic shop tools that should take less than half an hour to complete. Before starting, ensure that your luxury car is shifted into park and the engine is turned off. Then, follow these simple steps to replace the low beam light bulb:

  1. Open the hood and remove the plastic cap from the back of the head light.
  2. Remove the bolts holding the bulb socket in place. Remove the socket from the assembly
  3. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the old bulb. Install the new bulb and reconnect the electrical connector.
  4. Place the new bulb in the assembly and replace the connecting bolts.
  5. Replace the plastic cap and shut the hood to complete installation.
How long do HID bulbs for the Mercedes-Benz C250 last?

HID or High Energy Discharge bulbs are considered the gold standard when it comes to vehicle head light bulbs. These bulbs make use of discharged xenon gas to create an intensely bright electrical arc between two tungsten electrodes. HID bulbs are the most commonly used lighting apparatus for road illumination and are usually rated to last around 2,000 hours or 80 days of continuous use.

How do you install a new LED head light assembly in a C250?

Installing a new head light assembly in a Mercedes-Benz C250 is a relatively complex task requiring basic shop tools and about an hour of labor. Before starting, make sure to turn your Mercedes engine off. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your new assembly delivers all the illumination power you’re looking for:

  1. Remove the three pins on the front wall of the wheel well.
  2. Carefully pull back the fender and remove the bolts found underneath. Open the hood and remove the plastic intake cover by twisting the large knob.
  3. After removing the front bumper bolts, the bumper should come loose exposing the head light assembly. Pull the tab to release the electrical harness and remove the assembly.
  4. Install the LED assembly by connecting the electrical harness and placing the assembly in the front end.
  5. Replace the intake cover, fender bolts, wheel well bolts, and pins to complete installation.