Headlights for Mazda 5

The headlights on your Mazda 5 are important components when it comes to safety. Ensuring you can see properly goes a long way when traveling, especially in darker areas. Having illuminating, powerful lights can provides more comfort and enjoyment when driving at night.

Are high beams necessary for the front lighting assembly?

They can be necessary in dark or rural areas where there are few or no street lights. Your low beams may not reach beyond 490 feet. This can place the safety of the automobile, its occupants, and others on the road at risk. If you have burned-out high-beam bulbs in your Mazda 5 vehicle, you should strongly consider replacing it.

When should you replace a Mazdas headlight housing?

While you can make small repairs to your headlights, there are times when it is safer to make a full replacement. The following is a list of reasons why you would want to replace them:

  • Cracks that allow water or moisture to get into these accessories can cause damage to the vehicles electrical system.
  • Damaged accessory covers increase the risk of failed illumination while driving.
  • Replacing a light housing will improve the aesthetic appeal of the automobile.
How do know if Mazda headlights have moisture buildup?

Having a small amount of moisture in even part of the housing is inevitable. This happens because of weather elements, environment, and driving conditions that your Mazda 5 encounters. It can also happen when there is damage to the front housing. To ensure that the housing is dry and in good condition, you can do the following inspections:

  • Check the rubberized seal around the back of the housing where the bulbs fit into. Ensure this seal is tight and not worn.
  • Make sure the lighting accessory is secured properly. Any loose bolts or screws can allow water in.
  • Inspect for cracks or holes in the light cover. This type of problem will require you to change the housing to prevent further damage.
What bulbs are needed for a Mazda 5 headlight housing?

There are three bulbs required for this make and model. This includes the low beam, high beam, and an amber turn signal. The year of your car will determine the specific size of replacement bulb is needed.

What fuses in the Mazda 5 affect the headlights?

On this make and model, the fuses that control the cars front illumination include numbers 39 and 40. The fuse box is located on the passenger side of the car under the dash.